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Vegan Art in Williamsburg

Part of Julie McConnell's Animals in Mind installation

Part of Julie McConnell’s Animals in Mind installation

An exhibit called Enantiomorphic Chamber opened Friday at the NURTUREart Gallery in Williamsburg. I can’t even begin to explain the theme, but it has something to do with humans’ “two-eyed nature” and the metaphysical. What I do know is that it features a fantastic vegan photographer, Julie McConnell.

A friend turned me on to Julie’s work last year, and I saw her Animals in Mind show at the Ceres Gallery in Chelsea. Using human hair and silhouettes of combined animal bodies, Julie explores the interspecies bond and the way we separate ourselves from animals in order to exploit them. Her work is disturbing, but in a good way. And I love that an entire page of her website is dedicated to vegan links.

There are a bunch of other artists in the show, but I don’t know much about contemporary art, so I have no idea if they’re any good. But it’s worth the trip just to see Julie’s stuff. And if you want to find out what an enantiomorphic chamber is, the curators are giving a talk on Sun., March 9. Call 718-782-7755 for details.

Where: NURTUREArt Gallery, 910 Grand St., Brooklyn
When: Through March 23; Fri., Sat. & Sun. from noon to 6 and by appointment
How: Take the L to Grand St. On Grand, walk a block east of Bushwick Ave. (past a school); the gallery is right past the traffic light at Waterbury St.

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    you stupid näive connassse! “there are a bunch of other artists in the show, but i dont know much about contemporary art.” are you so fucking narrow minded/ single task orientaed that you can only evaluate your sourrounds based on a scale of vegan to not vegan? I am sorry for you….

    “and freedom can only be acheived thrugh the dictatorship of the vegan proletariat”