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Vegan at the Airport?

Filed under: Food Travel

Vegan food… here?

Ah, airports. Like movie theaters, they’re places that just have never seemed to catch on to the idea of healthy/ethical eating. How many childhood memories do I have of watching my family members sink their teeth into real food, while I pretended to be perfectly happy lugging around my bag full of energy bars?

But I was pleasantly surprised last week when I managed to find a fairly satisfying meal at JFK airport. It was a vegetable sandwich with hummus on whole wheat bread. The sandwich was fresh, the bread un-soggy, and aside from the difficulty of biting through huge slices of eggplant, it was a pretty good meal.

On my return trip from Oakland, I was even more surprised to find an airport burrito shop that offered smoked tofu in addition to various forms of meat with its burritos, and it actually labeled certain menu items with the word “vegan”! Alas, my delight faded as I was informed that they didn’t serve anything but breakfast until 10am… and every single breakfast item contained scrambled eggs. What, do they think vegans don’t eat breakfast? And haven’t they heard of scrambled tofu?

Still, my search continued, and I eventually found a portabella sandwich with roasted vegetables. It was soggy and not too fresh, but hey, it was better than yet another energy bar.


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    I recommend avoiding Milwaukee’s airport. It’s almost as if the place is downright hostile toward vegans.

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    At JFK (Terminal 7) I managed to find a snack box that contained baby carrots, celery and a hommus dip. I also bought some dried apricots and cashew nuts. It wasn’t a substantial meal but it was enough to keep me going.