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Vegan Boys Are The Best

While I would never purport to being (even slightly) offended by the Vegan Boys Are The Worst song (which incidently got a lot of heat Vegansaurus recently and was the impetus of this post), I feel as a vegan boy and fellow musician that I must offer up a retort. Is this Biggie vs Tupac? Hardly.

But, this is New York City (SuperVegan Represent!) and when you get dissed you gotta go in and put that S on the streets. (see: Jay-Z vs Nas, LL Cool J vs Canibus, 50 vs Everybody)

Lyrics After the Jump!

Hey vegan girl with your laundry list of issues
Keep on crying
Now, here’s a box of tissues
Some vegan dudes might be a mess
But last time I checked
This vegan boy was the best

My hairs always done up to the nines
So ever stylish
Well, I’m looking fine
Some vegan dudes might be a mess
Last time I checked this vegan dude was the best

You’ll never catch me with Patchouli oil
Hemp sweater
Or being one with the soil
Some vegan dudes might be a mess
But last time I checked this vegan boy was the best

I might not be the one
To take to your AR function
Or have me throwing paint
on those ladies uptown
Well, I’m cruelty-free
And I’m being me
Not your regular cup of tea

And Frankly I don’t give a fuck about yoga…

(Kazoo Solo)

Last time I checked this vegan boy was the best…


  1. Comment by

    Jani Rossi

    on #

    Thanks! After he said “And Frankly I don’t give a fuck about yoga” I laughed throughout the solo cause it reminded me of this 50-year-old yoga instructor who has been hitting on me whenever she has seen me after I moved to this city :D Vegan Boys FTW!!

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Fucking awesome. Thank you, Brownbird!

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Love it! Several thumbs up!

  4. Comment by

    Roseann Marulli

    on #

    Bravo, BRR!!!!

  5. Comment by


    on #