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Erik Marcus wants to hear you sing about Balls.

Erik Marcus wants to hear you sing about Balls.

I’m all about having things made easier for me, saving money, and not having to lug heavy groceries home on the subway. Erik Marcus seems to be of like mind (save for the subway part; he’s now out in Tahoe). The author of Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money and the voice behind the podcasts has scrutinized’s myriad offerings and pulled all the vegan and vegan-related products into the Grocery.

Because you buy in multiples or bulk, the prices are pretty awesome—just make sure you have somewhere to store all that extra cereal—and you get free shipping if you spend $25 or more. Plus, a portion of your purchases help keep the podcasts going, which is a worthy cause since Marcus gives great AR news, calls attention to important programs like Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College project, and broadcasts interviews with funny peeps like Dan Piraro.

To shop through the Grocery, click on the banner at the top of the homepage, then search through categories like Appliances/Kitchenware, Books, Nut Butters and Jams, and Produce. When you click on a section, a few highlighted items with photos will appear on the left, and a list of subsections will appear on the right.

One of the star attractions under Sweets & Healthy Snacks is Betty Lou’s Almond Butter Balls, which sell for $26.13 for a container of 40 (instead of $43.60). Marcus has been singing the praises of Almond Butter Balls for a while now, even inviting listeners to come up with an ABB theme song—the crappier the better, apparently (contact Marcus here with your lyrical brilliance, or lack thereof). This near obsession aside, the Grocery’s selection is pretty comprehensive, and they’re adding new items all the time. That said, if you do end up ordering some ABB, let me know how they are! I’m allergic to almonds. :(

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