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Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World: A Review

So this book is a cookbook (by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero of The PPK), well, bakebook more like, but when I initially received it in the mail I found myself carrying it with me wherever I went in the house. Before gathering ingredients to try my first recipe, I spent hours looking at the delicious photographs and reading about all the fancy versions of cupcakes about to enter my vegan world.

While the pictures do make this book especially appealing, the recipes promise to go beyond: First in line were the cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes. Husband and friends agreed: Moist and delectable, not too overwhelmingly sweet and the frosting, just right. The golden vanilla cupcakes turned out perfect, and this coming weekend I’ll be whipping up the pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon frosting.

The recipes are mostly simple without fancy ingredients, and if the latter are called for, there are detailed descriptions on where to get them and what to look out for. Little “sprinkles” sections throughout the book provide this and more information whenever necessary.

There are altogether 75 recipes, as well as 14 for frostings and fillings. Other helpful advice such as what to look for in ingredients and what baking tools to use is provided as well as a foreword by Sara Quinn from Tegan and Sara.

The troubleshooting section is especially welcomed by me: I admit to lacking common sense at times when it comes to cooking and baking (okay, perhaps in life beyond my kitchen as well), and if you have those moments, you’ll like this section, too. What–could–possibly–go–wrong’s are followed by possible mistakes or oversights.

For those who are creatively inclined there is an entire section on decorating cupcakes, and there are also some website tips for harder–to–get ingredients and other fun baking supplies.

I just told my friend Bowen today that if you like sweet things (and who doesn’t?) and you’re vegan you are seriously missing out if this book doesn’t inhabit your kitchen shelf. There is a cupcake for every occasion, and hey, with the holidays approaching and a growing awareness of boycotting consumerism spreads among us, what could be a better gift than a home–baked batch of yummy cupcakes?


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    on #

    Hey, NYC from OKC! I love to bake, so thanks for letting me know about this “book”. I’ve enjoyed your site and hope someday to visit all of the cool places you mention. It’s nice to know that there are like-minded people in the world, and GROWING!

  2. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    You know Bowen? I have to meet her in person. She seems really sweet.

    Oh, and yeah, the book is awesome. Since I’m kinda lazy I’ve mostly been looking at the pictures and drooling. But I hope to make the lemon lime cupcakes soon, perhaps with Susie’s help. Everything’s better with friends!

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    on #

    Hey I’m a guy! But thanks anyway. I’m still sweet :)

    Very good book review, Moni. You’ve convinced me I should get it. I think I’m going to bake some vegan cupcakes and distribute them on campus. By the way, we had about 200 students come to our Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday! We weren’t prepared for so many, but of course we were very happily surprised. Who says that Columbia isn’t a vegan-friendly campus? Not me any longer!

  4. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    Oops! Sorry Bowen! See, this is an example of why Moni has to introduce us. Maybe she should get us together to do a cupcake sampling.