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Vegan diet better for treating Diabetes

A recent story covered by CBS News (as well as many other mainstream outlets) reveals that a vegan diet may be better than currently prescribed medications at treating diabetes. The study compared the American Diabetes Association recommended diet to a low-fat vegan diet.

From the study:

Researchers found 43 percent of people with type 2 diabetes who followed a low-fat vegan diet for 22 weeks reduced their need to take medications to manage their disease compared with 26 percent of those who followed the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Not surprisingly, the vegan diet also reduced cholesterol and led to greater weight loss than the ADA diet. Many SuperVegan readers are probably already familiar with the work of Neal D. Barnard, MD who is the president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the group behind the study.

Commenting on the study, Dr. Barnard said, “I hope this study will rekindle interest in using diet changes first, rather than prescription drugs.”


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    There are some wonderful diet guidelines and great recipes for diabetics at They list carb amount, calories, fat, fiber content, etc. for all meals and snacks.

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    Diets for diabetics

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    Balance diet is the essential part of diabetic treatment to stay fit while the patient is suffering from the diabetes and taking the food that has lots of fiber may prevent from further damage.