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Vegan Drinks XXI: We Raised $1,450 for Animals in Haiti!

Vegan Drinks NYC: January 28, 2010

“Show me what Vegan Drinks looks like!” “This is what Vegan Drinks looks like!” (More photos by Matthew Mitchell and Jason Das available on Flickr.)

Thank you, New York City. On Thursday, January 28th, in a little over two hours, we sold $1,450 worth of sweet and savory treats at our Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti! Not too shabby for a little bake sale in the corner of a bar on a frigid winter night. Sodopreca and Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) will receive their checks soon!

Extra special, cherry-on-top thanks to those of you who baked! We had the most fantastic line-up of treats — Hostess-style cupcakes, personal pizzas, gourmet chocolates (thanks, Lauren at Sweet Compassion), spinach pies, brownies and cookies of all sorts, doggy- and heart-shaped gingerbread cookies (courtesy of Patti at Baked Ideas), more cupcakes (thanks to everyone who made cupcakes and Allison at Vegan Drinks marked our 21st event in NYC. (Vegan Drinks is now in 19 cities! Welcome, Nashville!) To celebrate, we gave away Sambazon, Alex Jamieson’s new book, Living Vegan for Dummies, and a couple of sets of the “Cookin’ with My Crawdaddy” vegan cajun cookzines. (Thanks for the donations, everyone!) DJ Lil Ray kept the standing-room-only crowd happy with the good tunes as everyone patiently waited for their chance to order a drink or devour an apple cider donut.

Lisa, one of the organizers of the MASSIVE Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti this Sunday (January 31st) at MooShoes kicked off the “Shout Outs”. She told the crowd about the awesome prizes (including gift certificates to MooShoes, Candle 79 and Lula’s, to name a few) that will be raffled off at Sunday’s bake sale. Timothy introduced us to his work with the WorkSong Community Acupuncture Clinic in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The multi-talented Jasmin encouraged everyone to visit the recently launched Our Hen House site to get active for animals. David announced that Farm Sanctuary members are hosting house parties to support the organization this Sunday, January 31st from 6:00-8:00pm. Patrick asked folks to attend the 2010 New York State Humane Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 24th. (You can register here to catch the bus from NYC to Albany.) Val greeted the crowd with an invite to the next VegOut LGBT-friendly potluck at the Center on February 21st. Also saying a quick hello were Leinana of the Vegan Good Things blog, Sarah of the 4th Street Food Coop, Lauren of Sweet Compassion truffles, Jeff of Veg Social NYC and Demetrius of NYC Vegan EatUP.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the folks mentioned above, please email

Extra special thanks to Jesse the Bartender (as assisted by Dennis), Jac the Raffle Ticket Giver I, David the Raffle Ticket Giver II, Matthew the Photographer, and Sam, Susan and Tod for keeping the line moving at the bake sale!

The next Vegan Drinks NYC is Thursday, February 25th, at Angels & Kings Bar from 7pm to 9pm. Get on our mailing list! See y’all soon!


  1. Comment by

    dj lil ray

    on #

    I had the most fun ever! Thanks again for another fantastic Vegan Drinks!

  2. Comment by

    Elaine Vigneault

    on #

    That’s fantastic!