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Vegan Drinks XXVII, the Recap: Thanks, Terri!

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Do you have pictures from the last Vegan Drinks? If so, please share them with us because our cameras are terrible. Share here, please:

The 27th Vegan Drinks was held on Thursday, July 29th, and although I wasn’t in attendance (I was taking the NJ bar exam instead), you all still managed to have an amazing time. (Kudos to Patrick of the Humane Society of the United States for acting as the substitute MC for the evening!)

Craig and Michelle from Terri brought cupcakes,
Thanksgiving, as well as bacon and cheese sandwiches, AND quesadillas. Thank you so much, Team Terri! (Friends, if you have yet to visit Terri, write yourself a note to go there tomorrow. Get a Butterfinger milkshake. It will make you forget Day 1 of the NY bar exam in record time. Promise.)

Folks who lined up to make “Shout Outs” included: Matt of Mercy For Animals (MFA), who encouraged the crowd to volunteer with MFA to help promote veganism in one of its upcoming leafleting events; Stevie from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WFAS) reminded everyone to volunteer (year-round!) and attend WFAS’s upcoming events while the farm is open for tours (until October!); Ethan of Sea Shepherd talked about the new NYC chapter and its Monday, August 9th benefit to rescue animals affected by the Gulf oil spill, S’more Protection for the Oceans (buy your tickets before it sells out!); political prisoner support collective NYC Anarchist Black Cross invited everyone to Running Down the Walls 2010, a 5K run/walk/jog on August 7th; and, Brooke from Mama Earth Rocks! Earth Friendly Catering plugged her catering and personal chef services.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the folks mentioned above, please email

The next Vegan Drinks NYC is Thursday, August 26th at Angels & Kings Bar from 7pm to 9pm. Get on our mailing list!

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