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Vegan Drinks XXXIV: Celebrate Sea Shepherd VSO Day on Thursday, February 24!

Vegan Drinks Logo

Vegan Drinks is THIS Thursday, 2/24!

We’re celebrating Sea Shepherd Conversation Society’s recent victory in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary at this week’s Vegan Drinks NYC from 7pm to 9pm on Thursday, February 24th at Angels & Kings Bar in the East Village.

Vegan Drinks is excited to donate a portion of bar sales to Sea Shepherd to help them celebrate Victory in the Southern Ocean Day! On February 19, 2011, after failing to shake the tail of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships, the Japanese whaling fleet announced they would return to Japan, cutting their whale hunt in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary short. Sea Shepherd NYC will be on hand to sell merchandise, sign up new Direct Action Crew members, and be available to answer questions about how you can get involved locally.

Dj3dg (aka, Brian from the Ulster County SPCA) will be playing records at this event! Records as in vinyl, not MP3s, folks.

The kitchen will be turning out great bar snacks like a vegan burger deluxe platter (with or without vegan cheese + fries and coleslaw), crispy vegan chikkin’ tenders, Pittsburgh-style coleslaw, fries, hummus & chips, and good ol’ chips & salsa or guacamole.

Drink Specials will include $2 off everything until 8pm; $1 off draft beers and well drinks from 8-9pm! And, we’ll be serving spiked Apple Cider, too! Folks who don’t drink alcohol are much beloved and also quite welcome, but you do have to be 21 to get in.

Have you read the new and improved Vegan Drinks FAQ? Please read it, even if you’re a regular at our event.

We’ll turn down the music around 8:15pm and encourage people to promote themselves, their groups and/or causes for 30 seconds. If you represent a veg*n or animal rights group, come prepared with your (very short!) spiel and literature.

If you’re not already following our every move, connect with Vegan Drinks on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@vegandrinks), and join our e-mail list.

Vegan Drinks NYC is usually held the last Thursday of the month from 7pm to 9pm at Angels & Kings, 500 East 11th Street (btw Ave A & Ave B), New York, NY 10009.

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