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Vegan Junk Food Roundup!

Healthy eaters look away! This one’s for the Vegan with one to seventeen sweet teeth. Check out these amazing (and in some cases, new) snack foods!

#1. Birthday Oreos
Oreo is celebrating their 100th birthday with a specialty cookie that is their most delicious by 100x. These are insane bonkers delicious. Get them whilst available and feel free to thank me later or hate me when you’ve eaten so many your pants cut off circulation to your legs.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my near-sighted attention that these contain Confectioner’s Glaze, which some deem UnSuperVegan. Here’s some handy dandy reading material on the subject so that you can decide for your own Vegan Self.

#1. Vegan Thin Mints
Feeling left out of the whole Girl Scout Cookie Game? I mean, they’re not even made with real Girl Scouts. Check out these faux Thin Mints and satisfy the craving. TIP: freeze these for extra levels of yum.

Get a whole case, put on a cute uniform and resell them to all your vegan pals at Amazon.

Or just get them by the box here.

OR-or roll-up to your local Kosher market– they often carry them.

#1. Vegan Creme Eggs




Hear that? That’s the Easter Bunny making his approach! Best order some Vegan Cadbury-style Creme Eggs courtesy Queenbalch on Etsy.

Or, if you’re LA based, Tweet at greatbrittania of Fakery Bakery fame, and beg her to make them again this year.

#1. Steve’s Ice Cream

This one’s for the New Yorkers. For now…
Have you tried Steve’s Ice Cream? Small batch, craft ice cream with unique combinations of ingredients that are locally sourced when possible, Steve’s has a whole line of coconut based Cremes that are some of the best I’ve ever had (I’ve been lucky enough to taste three!). They are not coconut-ey at all and are super extra highly delicious. Flavors include: Chocolate Almond Butter, Cinnamon Coffee, Coconut Cilantro Lime, Maple Porter Pecan, Mint Cacao Chip, Sugar Cookie Dough, and Tea Time. There’s also sorbet, for those who like that sort of thing. With a Brooklyn brick + mortar opening soon, check out the extensive list of shops where you can find a pint today!


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    on #

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble or anything, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Birthday Cake Oreos have confectioner’s glaze – which is never vegan (made from bugs).

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Here is a picture of the ingredients list for Birthday Cake Oreos. They contain confectioners glaze, which is not a vegan item. Sorry to burst your bubble….

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Duly noted and post updated. Thanks for sticking your vegan pin in my oreo bubble.

  4. Comment by

    Insufferable Vegan

    on #

    Here’s the verdict on whether vegans can eat this, from your own Fearless Leader:!/SuperVegan/status/159161454321352704

  5. Comment by

    Insufferable Vegan

    on #

    As far as Girl Scout Cookies go, there are two bakers: Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers. Each local Girl Scout Council (roughly a county or two in size) decides which baker they will buy from. All of the Little Brownie cookies contain milk (feh!) but five of the eight ABC flavors – INCLUDING THE THIN MINTS – have no milk and are vegan. So check with your local council and see which baker they use. For example, Los Angeles uses Little Brownie (BOOOOO!) but the OC is ABC. So wherever you may live, you might not be too far from real vegan Girl Scout Cookies. You can read all about it here:

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    For more of these, take a look at the “Secretly Vegan” app for Android, which has a searchable index of food (including some ‘junk’) that happens to be vegan.

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    Oh it is so the season to eat chocolate!!! Yippie!

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    These do contain confectioners glaze but depending on the company, it may or may not be derived from the lac insects. Oreos are kosher, and some kosher rules do not permit it. So…I guess it depends which Kosher policy they use.

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    No matter how you feel about PETA, they do have good resources, and one of them is the accidentally vegan page. It lists all the junk food goodies like nutter butters, ritz crackers, and those superpretzel soft pretzels we all used to love. Thanks for the recommendation on those Cadbury-style eggs. Gotta try those!