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Vegan Las Vegans; OSU proves heat kills

What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around

To bring you all the hottest news from around the web, the SuperVegan newsroom subscribes to 9,658 RSS feeds, 655 e-mail newsletters, and also a few dozen e-mail “alert” type things – for example, whenever the word “vegan” pops up in a story indexed by Google News, we get an e-mail to that effect. We filter out the silly name-calling letters to the editor of the West Podunk Picayune and the marinara recipes that pop up like a bad rash every Wednesday to find stuff that’s actually new or informative. We also filter out lots of stuff about people from Las Vegas, who are known as Las Vegans. (Yes, the Spanish word for “vegan” is “vegan,” if you’re wondering).

But this week, we achieved convergence. Grist Magazine posted an article about sustainable foods making headway in Vegas. They mention a few vegan-friendly eateries, including Ronald’s Donuts, a regular donut shop which just happens to quietly offer vegan varitals on the side. I hope I never go to Vegas, but if I do, I sure as hell better get to Ronald’s!

The article wonders just how eco-friendly you can be shipping ridiculous amounts of food and water into the middle of a hot, dry desert. And of course, no one would be there this time of year without constant air conditioning.

This has now been scientifically proven by the good, ethical, responsible, medical research scientists of Ohio State University, where a power outage brought room temperatures to 105° and killed close to 700 lab animals this week. According to the AP report, “Some researchers had been working on their projects for years.” I think you’re supposed to feel bad for the researchers. And to add irony to injury (well, death) OSU’s homepage features an article about the dangers of global warming. At least this is all disgusting enough to make me not crave a donut for a while.

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