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Vegan Marshmallows on CNBC

In the summer of 2005, the muckrakers at Vegetarians in Paradise discovered that Emes Kosher-Jel, a central ingredient to leading “vegan” marshmallows, wasn’t actually vegan; it contained gelatin, and Emes had been lying about it for decades. Once the deception was made public, Emes closed up shop while vegans all over felt sickened and betrayed and vegan entrepreneurs who had depended on Emes’s Jel as an ingredient were left high and dry. Vegan Supreme Marshmallows (link via the Wayback Machine) promptly went out of business, while Sara Sohn of Sweet & Sara locked herself in the kitchen and committed herself to alchemy until she divined the formula for a truly vegan marshmallow.

In 2007, journalist Elizabeth Jensen pitched the story to CNBC, and the cable news network decided to investigate. They interviewed Vegan Supreme founder Ming Tran, Sara Sohn (Sara, you look great!) and the folks at Vegetarians in Paradise, putting it all together into a “delectable story everyone will enjoy!” Here’s the first minute and a half to tease you:

The segment, titled “A Puff Piece,” is part of “Business Nation” and premiers on CNBC Wednesday, May 2nd 10pm Eastern, and will be rebroadcast that night at 1am. Additional May show times (all Eastern): May 7th, 9pm and 12am; May 20th, 10pm and 1am; May 21st, 9pm and 12am; May 27th, 10pm and 1am.

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    Wow. I wasn’t plugged into the vegan cyber-community much before fall 2005, so I totally missed this story. I’m glad I could always take or leave marshmallows and didn’t eat any of these. Was there ever a lawsuit against Emes?

    Come to think of it, other than a Vegan Sweets rice crispy treat, I still haven’t sampled vegan marshmallows.