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Listen up! Natalie goes vegan!

Listen up! Natalie goes vegan!

As readers know, October was the third annual Vegan Month of Food. Started by celebrity chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz, vegan mofos everywhere posted daily blogs in celebration of our favorite subject — food! Vegan Month of Food kicked off with World Vegetarian Day and ends with a bang tomorrow at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. In addition to this sandwich of events, here is a completely subjective roundup of things that made October one mofo of a month!

In the Mainstream

Vegan for the Animals
Author Jonathan Safran Foer made a big splash with a taster from his new book Eating Animals, published as a feature article in the NY Times Magazine‘s Food issue. After reading Eating Animals, actress Natalie Portman went vegan and announced her reasons in her essay “Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan” for the Huffington Post (that counts as a MoFo blog, right?). Blink 182 drummer (and rehabilitated puppy-juicer) Travis Barker has once again seen the light. He says he’s back to being vegetarian and “almost full blown vegan now.”

Vegan for the Environment
We’ve been saying it all along but it looks like we may finally be arriving at a tipping point. Even mainstream sources and enviro orgs are agreeing that eating meat causes global warming and going veg reduces your carbon footprint. Omnivore’s Dilemma author and foodie darling Michael Pollan stuck his foot in it by stating: “A vegan in a Hummer has a lighter carbon footprint than a beef eater in a Prius.” Then retracted the statement the next day. I thought it was fuzzy math to begin with (here’s an interview with one of the original researchers and number crunchers), but I hope his blunder doesn’t cloud the issue, which is that vegans have a substantially lighter overall effect on the environment than meat-eaters. Duh. Joining the bandwagon, the WorldWatch Institute’s latest magazine asks the question, “Carnivorism and climate change: Is it worse than we thought?”

Vegan for the Food
As readers know, Oprah featured vegan chef Tal Ronnen’s new book on her show, bumping Conscious Cook to the Amazon bestseller list and potentially turning millions on to yummy food, and actress Alicia Silverstone released her book The Kind Diet. But in the race to veganize the world, two important developments also occurred: Gardein released its line of tasty frozen vegan meaty treats on World Vegetarian Day, and Daiya dairy-free cheese exploded into restaurants and stores near you (without even being released in the retail market yet).

Vegan for Health
On Oprah’s website (I do not have a fixation — she’s a big deal), Ultimate Wellness author Kathy Freston asked the question “Can a Plant-Based Diet Cure Cancer?” in a discussion with China Study author T. Colin Campbell. The USDA released a tip sheet guide for a healthy vegetarian diet that is, drum roll please: 100% vegan. I kid not: see for yourself.

Vegan … just cuz
Ethicist and Animal Liberation author Peter Singer caused an uproar by proposing a tax on meat-eaters while the UK’s leading authority on climate change, Lord Stern of Brentford (who is not veg), ruffled feathers by suggesting that in the future, eating meat may become as socially unacceptable as drunk driving.

Awesome Activist Movies

“Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home”, the long-awaited documentary by Tribe of Heart, premiered earlier this month, winning Best Feature Documentary at the Moondance Film Festival in Boulder, CO. Check here for upcoming screenings. “Fowl Play: The Untold Story Behind Your Breakfast”, an award-winning short documentary by Mercy For Animals, was released this month on DVD. Activists are holding screenings across the country. Organize one in your community!

November: Look out! Next month will also be a MoFo!

Whew! As if October wasn’t jam-packed enough, more awesome vegan-full days are still coming. Check it out:

Isa and Terry’s new cookie book comes out on the 10th!

The sold out annual New York League of Humane Voters gala happens on the 12th.

Farm Sanctuary is throwing its annual Thanksgiving FOR the Turkeys at its two shelters on the 21st, and a Vegan Thanksgiving Brunch at NYC’s Tavern on the Green with guest speaker Jonathan Safran Foer on the 22nd!

Stay tuned folks, and keep blogging vegan mofos!

This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.


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    This is an amazing round-up!
    In other film news, Food, Inc and The Cove tied for Best Documentary at the Environmental Media Awards presented by the Environmental Media Association, which aims to “honor film and television personalities, productions, musicians and musical tours that convey environmental messages in the most creative and influential ways.”
    Check out the hilarious coverage:

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    i love my vegetarian life