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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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Vegan News Roundup!

– LA city council votes awesome and bans stores from selling non-rescue dogs and cats and rabbits!

– Hey New Yorkers, are you coming to Vegan Drinks on Thursday? We hope so, cause we like like you.

– Hey Chi-people, are you going to Mercy For Animals’ Chicago Vegan Chef Showdown? Eight chefs will vie for the title of Best Vegan Chef so we recommend a “tasting ticket.” And no, I’m not the Andrea of Andrea’s Alternative Cuisine, but I do hope she wins!

– Hey Bostonians, or anyone able to travel to Bean Town– are you going to the Boston Veg Food Fair next weekend? It’s free and huge and if you’re able, you should probably go.

Ancient Pythagorians (including Aristotle) were Vegetarians that didn’t eat beans! “Beans are for murderous, cannibalistic, semen-and-testicle-loving Devil worshippers.” Who knew?!

– Check out Vegansaurus’ review of Weather Puppy! A puppy-helping weather app.

– Due to protests led by Queen guitarist Brian May, our friends across the pond have post-poned plans to shoot several thousand badgers in an effort to reduce levels of bovine tuberculosis.

– Want a new career path? Here’s an awesome new option; go back to school! Lewis & Clark Law School is the first to offer a Master of Animal Law program.

– Not to freak you out, but The NYTimes reports that it’s not just animals making climate destroying methane. So is RICE. “Our results show that rice agriculture becomes less climate-friendly as our atmosphere continues to change,” Dr. van Groenigen said in a statement. “This is important because rice paddies are one of the largest human sources of methane and rice is the world’s second-most produced staple crop.” Uh oh.

– And lastly, this is what an asshole looks like eating a crappy fast food bigot chicken sandwich after 35 years of Vegetarianism.

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