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Vegan Potluck in Central Park June 1, Hosted by NYC’s Most Stylish Vegans

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Chloé Jo Davis of Girlie Girl Army, Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute/Brave Gentleman, Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture, and Jeremy Davis of Craft & Valor are hosting a vegan potluck in Central Park on Saturday. They will be better dressed than you! (Even Joshua, despite being topless.) That’s OK–go anyway.

[We] were recently making plans to meet in Central Park for an afternoon of snacking and kiki-ing, as we often do, and we had a revelation.  What if we just go on and invite everyone.  Not just our cliques and friends, but anyone who wants to come.  Vegan or not.  Come and partake in an energetically on point late morning/ early afternoon big bit of summer hang-age where you can meet some people who are totally on your level and play in the grass with no entry fee or silly sign ups.  Maybe you’ll rock your best summer threads and snap an Instagram editorial. Maybe you want to act like a gyrating hippie. Maybe you’ll shmooze new business, maybe your kid will make a friend, maybe you’ll fall asleep after stuffing yourself silly.

I can’t make it myself, as I will be at a different (private) vegan picnic in a different park. But this looks awesome and I hope you all go.


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