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Vegan Prisoners

Filed under: Animal Rights
Six of the SHAC seven

Six of the SHAC seven

It will come as no news to regular readers that the US and British governments are locking up radical activists in the US and UK for their roles in closing down fur farms and attacking Huntingdon Life Sciences.

One of them is John Ablewhite, who is profiled in the very conservative British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. The SHAC 7 await their sentencing. Meanwhile, friends of Jeff Luers keep him in the public eye, as do the folks at Vegan Prisoners Support Group of others.

For those interested in finding out what’s happening with the Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty US campaign, you can’t visit its website because the government has closed it down. Go here instead.


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    on #

    Why is there so much focus on the rights of prisoners? Granted, I don’t believe meat should be eaten anywhere, but what about other people with little or not choice in their diet?
    I was homeless for eighteen months, and had no choice but to eat whatever the soup kitchen provided. I am very grateful to those wonderful volunteers, but whenever I mention this period to other veg*ns, they act as though I am a disappointment.
    I could either eat what the shelter provided, or starve.
    Now there is an organization to feed prisoners (who have committed crimes) and yet again nothing for those who are simply unfortunate.
    Clearly, these organizations are no better than the federal government.

  2. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

    on #

    Amanda, volunteerism is not a zero sum game. If you don’t like the way this group works, quit whining and start your own.