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Vegan Sellout?

Pamela Anderson recently attended a Vivienne Westwood show in London—in a meat market. And she’s been criticized for modeling for Westwood because the designer uses leather (though thankfully she dropped the fur).

So does this make Pam a pariah? Or is attending vegan events only preaching to the choir, missing an opportunity to possibly educate and ignoring the fact that, like it or not, we’re all part of the larger world?

I work at a fashion magazine, and before that I worked for a foodie publication (I barely survived the barbecue issue). I also help take care of my 89-year-old father, which includes ordering his groceries. He’s unabashedly not vegan, and that’s never going to change. Does that make me a sellout too?


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    You are not a sellout. Neither is P.A. We are all part of a word where there are meat eaters and fur wearers and porn. That doesn’t mean we agree with them. So if anyone has a problem with that, DEAL WITH IT!

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    I don’t think sellout is the right word. Confused and misguided are better words.

    I wouldn’t buy my father meat products, if he can’t take care of it himself then perhaps that is because he is not as healthy as he might be on a vegan diet. I also wouldn’t buy my mother cigarettes, but that’s slightly different.

    The way I see it, buying meat products for a friend or family member is in a similar vein to working at a burger joint serving up meat burgers, or perhaps even at a butcher’s shop. After all, the animals are dead in all 3 scenarios. It’s called enabling.

    To me things are simples. We belittle our beliefs when we don’t stand up for them firmly.

    Same with PA. I wouldn’t have attended and its become an issue. Veganism seems to be in the spotlight lately with far too many milquetoast vegans making bad decisions and not standing firmly and grounded in their vegan ethics.

    I hear the haters coming… bring the rain ;)

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    Buying meat products for an 89 year old is probably something that bothers your conscience as a vegan, or maybe you wouldn’t have mentioned it- and I wish I could convince you it shouldn’t. I’m glad you don’t call yourself a sell out for doing it. Being a sellout would mean sitting down to a big steak dinner with him followed by a dish of ice cream and hiding it from your vegan friends. Being a sellout means that you got something out of going against your ethics that mainly profited you. Most likely, you have made much a difference in your life through your veganism, writing about it, living it and serving as an example. If your dad lived to be 89, I certainly doubt the reason he can’t do his own shopping is because he’s not a vegan. Please. That sort of statement makes Vegans in general look like extremist kooks, defies logic, and does nothing for the cause- which, incidentally is supposed to be born out of compassion. I think helping out your dad, who is not going to change at this point if you don’t- is just plain conscientious, anything else would be cruel. We have to pick and choose our battles, so let’s get real here.

    I understand wanting to spread the word, but judgements and slamming people gets one nowhere in that vein. It is great to be uncompromising in one’s personal practices as far as ethical choices. That’s admirable. But living compassionately should be done on all fronts or Vegans will not be taken seriously. If you are going to be compassionate to animals who are helpless, one must recognize that people to a degree have their limitations… Honestly, I rather see all of the world eat diets that are less meat and dairy based… even if they couldn’t do it 100% then see just a tiny number of people who are extremists devote themselves to refusing 90 year old relatives assistance merely because they do not eat a plant based diet.

    Personally, I believe it is a more secure person who goes into a lifestyle choice of their own without having to justify to everyone around them every last decision they make in regards to it. Your self love, and love of other beings does not have to be expressed by forcing others into a box. Aren’t we against that?

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    Amanda Rootsey

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    I really like your comment EMS. You are right, we are choosing to be compassionate to other beings by being vegan, so giving humans a hard time because they haven’t quite got there yet kinda goes against that. I’ve been struggling a little lately with deciding whether to get back in to modeling after getting over cancer. I’ve decided to do it but only wear/promote brands that are vegan/eco-friendly/ethical so I’ve had to leave my agency and go out on my own. But so many people are waking up and are heading in that direction – it’s exciting! And as for Pammy, well I have a few pairs of Vivien Westwood shoes from Melissa and they are totally vegan – i definitely support that side of her design… Pammy does so much for animals – I certainly wouldn’t call her a sell out.