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Vegan Sweeties Cookies: Schweeet!

Filed under: Food Product Review Sweets
Brownie Cookies

Brownie Cookies

Laurie Dolan has been baking since she was a child and when she became vegan in 2002 she seized the opportunity to recreate her favorite treats without eggs and dairy. The veganized desserts grew so popular that Dolan launched Vegan Sweeties in October 2007. Since then, she’s been baking up orders of a variety of cookies including Brownie, Chocolate Chip, and Russian Tea Cake. (For more valuable info on how Laurie Dolan got her business started, check out her recent interview on Taste Better.)

Vegan Sweeties are baked with fair trade sugar and without hydrogenated oils or preservatives. Freshly baked orders ship from the San Francisco Bay area in boxes stuffed with eco-friendlier biodegradable organic corn “peanuts.” Vegan Sweeties aren’t cheap: One dozen of these small cookies will run you about $14.

Jason Das, Laura, and I had the opportunity to try out the Brownie and Chocolate Chip cookies. Here are our thoughts:

Olivia: I had one bite of a Chocolate Chip cookie and repressed childhood memories of Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies came flooding back to me. I’m not really a fan. I am a huge fan of the Brownie cookies, which are soft and fluffy–almost cake like. They have the perfect amount of cocoa; they’re not superfattyfudgy, but not superdiety tasting either. The sparse and healthy ingredients made me feel like I was doing something good for my body–then I realized I had wolfed down 4 cookies in less than 5 minutes.

Jason: It seems that these days vegan cookies are either big and fancy (like Liz Lovely or ABC) or small and simple (like Newman’s Own or Mi-Del). Vegan Sweeties are a great addition to the middle ground. You get to enjoy a whole sack of cookies, but they don’t taste like they were made on a conveyor belt.

I enjoyed both flavors, but unlike Olivia, I preferred the Chocolate Chip. I wish the Brownie cookies were more chocolatey, and perhaps not so crumbly–after getting carried around in my bag for half a day, I’m left with several disintegrated cookies that I may need to eat with a spoon (or maybe I can sprinkle them on ice cream!).

The Chocolate Chip cookies have a really wonderful flavor. I ultimately prefer a crunchier cookie, but if you like ’em moist, you’ll love the consistency! I’m pleased that Vegan Sweeties cookies are not overwhelmingly sweet (something I’m more sensitive too as I get older), and that they use a bunch of organic ingredients.

Laura: The Brownie cookies are delicious; light and fluffy but still very chocolatey. I do wish they held together better, though; after carrying them to work in my bag, I had to eat them with a spoon.

The Chocolate Chip cookies were fairly average. They’re chewy rather than crunchy, and I’m glad they use healthy ingredients. I liked them, but probably wouldn’t feel compelled buy them on my own.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Omg, brownie cookies were MY idea first! I swear! And they look good, but not as good as mine. ;)

  2. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    I’m gonna guess someone came up with Chocolate Chip cookies before Laurie too. ;-) Heh heh. Still, you’re welcome to send us your brownie cookies :-). We’re always happy to stuff our faces and pass judgment.