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Vegan Wellness TV Premiers March 18 on MNN

Cheryl Hill is also a rocker.

Cheryl Hill is also a rocker.

Vegan Wellness TV debuts on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) today at 11:30am. The public access program is hosted by Cheryl Hill, a holistic health counselor educated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and focuses on “the vegan and raw foods lifestyle and will cover many topics including protein, super foods, genetically engineered foods, and more!”

Generally I think crunchy stuff like this is boring, but it’s scheduled time of Sunday morning/ hangover hell primetime might make me sing a different tune. Somehow healthy living messages are easier to digest on a stomach empty from puking! The first episode is an introduction to veganism so if you wake up next to an omnivore stranger you met at the bar, you can show her that there’s more to the vegan diet than liquid bread.

You can watch the show on Time Warner Cable Channel 56, RCN Channel 84, or streaming live on the MNN website.


  1. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

    on #

    I caught the last ten minutes of this. Um…. I guess it’s not TV for vegans, since it was a lady in front of a camera slooowwwly reading a bunch of really depressing reasons to go vegan. Since most omnivores are not fond of being guilt-tripped, and escape is just a click away, I’m not sure what effect this was supposed to have.

    Hopefully it’ll improve? Maybe I’m just not used to public access quality? Who knows. I guess it’s still an overall good thing that veganism is getting more exposure.

  2. Comment by


    on #

    [To the Web-site manager: yes, it was so bad! Joining…] To Laura, above: all omnivores, a/k/a cadaver suckers, deserve to be guilt-tripped. Their consciences have to be buried deep down there somewhere. I’m sorry I didn’t know this show was going to debut. I’m so glad there’s another great vegan/vegetarian show. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    This was a great show. Yes, perhaps it got off to a less than spectacular start, but I learned tons from Cheryl on this program, and I watched just about every single episode. Cheryl has a superfun sense of humor; how can you miss it? I think we need to cut Cheryl some slack here. Hey, it’s public access… It’s a forum for people who simply want to get info out there without the burden of a slick production. Cheryl achieved this wonderfully. How many public access shows are there on veganism… I gotta ask you? Cheryl got a lot of info out there for people. She is to be commended! -Pamela Rice