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Vegans Are Not Limited With Food or Clothes

Dionne as a

Dionne as a “vegan” model.

Gristmill comments on last week’s premiere of America’s Next Top Model, where the girls’ photo shoots portrayed representations of opposing sides on controversial issues. Naturally, among the portrayals was a vegan and meat-lover in addition to an anti-fur and fur proponent. It would have been nice if someone informed the models before they commented about the position they represented. Dionne said something similar to, “Vegans are people who only eat fruits and vegetables — like strawberries and carrots and jalapeño peppers.” How could she forget about tofu?!

Although we’re not always discussed favorably on TV, we do often get better coverage in print. The Eagle-Tribune has a wonderful feature on Clothing With a Conscience. Vegan handbag designer Susan Nichole says, “In society 20 years ago, vegetarians were nothing but small co-ops focused on the vegetarian lifestyle. But I’ve seen there are now many more options for vegetarians in the grocery stores, in restaurants. That’s now just starting to happen in the fashion industry, but it is a slow process.” The article informs where to get cruelty-free clothes, mentions innovative fabric materials and has a few consumer resources including a vegan image consultant.

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    Dionne’s comments were cringe worthy indeed. However, I was pleased that Twiggy mentioned how much she hated fur during judging.