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Vegans are the New It Talk Show Couch Warmers

Filed under: Media
Watch out Ellen! Skinny Bitches keep it real!

Watch out Ellen! Skinny Bitches keep it real!

Daytime TV’s fascination with vegans continues. Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman, authors of best sellers Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, will hop on Ellen DeGeneres’ couch tomorrow (Friday, May 23rd). Farm Sanctuary tipped us off that vegan spiritual counselor Kathy Freston, fresh from her appearance on Oprah, will be Ellen’s guest on Wednesday, May 28th. Perhaps we can look forward to Ellen coming out as a vegansexual in a few weeks.

Speaking of daytime TV, SuperVegan readers have lots to say about Oprah’s current vegan cleanse. Keep talking here, but also consider sharing your vegan story on the Oprah forum and offering support and encouragement to folks who are trying to go veg.

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    Per a highly reliable source, Rory Freedman relayed that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DiRossi have switch to a vegan diet and are “outing” themselves on a future show! If you check out Ellen’s Lunch blog, you’ll see that there are no animal products on her plate for the past few entries! Fingers crossed!