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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
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Vegans United to Eat Smores for Sea Shepherd

Want to get your vegan fix this week? Twenty-four vegan and vegan friendly groups are conglomerating resources this Monday to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Sea Shepherd celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and its NYC chapter celebrates its third annual S’Mores Protection for the Oceans. And that means everything vegan under the sun coming together for a night. Join Sea Shepherd at V-Spot in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to eat vegan s’mores made with Sweet and Sara marshmallows and sweets from Terri Vegetarian and Clementine Bakery.

They will be selling official Sea Shepherd merchandise, signing up new members, and holding a raffle full of prizes from:

Trader Joe’s
Compassion Couture
Christy Robinson
Gristle Tattoo
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Brooklyn Grooming
Candle 79
Rescue Chocolate
Pacific Northwest Kale Chips
Cyberoptix Tie Lab
Sue Coe
Lazy Dog Designs
Sacha Vida
Sustainable NYC
Primal Strips
Pangea Vegan Products
Vegan Essentials
Olia Designs
Cri de Coeur
Jaan J.
Dun-Well Doughnuts
Klean Kanteen

If you missed AR Conference last week, you can still get your chock-full-o’vegan compassion fill on Monday!


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    Darn! I keep missing all the neat NY Veg meetups D:

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    Darn! I keep missing all the neat NY Veg meetups D: