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Vegetarian Times Finally Dies?

Filed under: Media Stupid

Back in the 1970s and ’80s, Vegetarian Times was an advocate for animal rights and veganism. They eventually embraced dairy and got rid of any newsiness, activism, or politics, morphing into a recipes and lifestyle magazine for “the new generation of full-time vegetarians and flexitarians.”

VegNews and others have picked up the slack, so it’s not like we need them anyway, but now they won’t even be called Vegetarian Times anymore. As Well Fed reports, the magazine is being retitled Greens.

They claim the change is a temporary test to see how the new title performs, but obviously they don’t have much confidence or interest in using vegetarianism as a selling point. Only 40% of their subscribers identify as vegetarians, so why should they? I hope the new name sticks. Vegetarians deserve better representation. Let owners Active Interest Media (publishers of American Cowboy, Yoga Journal and Yachts Magazine) call it whatever they want and sink it into the mess of advertorial eco-consumerist rags clogging the checkout aisles at Whole Foods.


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    I was never really impressed by Vegetarian Times anyway. It seemed pretty lame for the reasons you mentioned here anyway.

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    Once upon a time, like 10 years ago, it was quite quite good. I guess with the majority audience being non-veg, I better understand the schizo, er, many cover.mag redesigns of the last few (?) years. No matter, VegNews picks up from their long-ago heights and trumps forward, with Herbivore on drums. Bon voyage to them.

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    “Not like we need them anyway,” indeed! Flexitarians, pff! I hate when trendsters take the “cool” parts our ethical culture and try to incorporate it into their flaky, cash crazed, oppressive, substance-lacking nonsense projects. Adios “Vegetarian Times”, and good riddance!

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    I’m sad to see them go to just “Greens,” but I can’t say I really liked their magazine. The issues of Vegetarian Times I’ve managed to get my hands on were little more than a “buy this cool gadget for your kitchen, spend $1000 per month on your groceries, and if you live outside of major metropolitan areas, you’re a backwoods hick” type of thing. VT is also really good at making broke students trying to go as green as financially possible feel like dirt. Then the layout and design just stinks. It feel too much like Family Circle for me. VegNews won me over with only one issue, long before I went totally vegan. Great articles, great design, news most of us actually care about, and no six-figure salary is needed to feel at home reading it.

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    I just let my VT subscription lapse as of September, but I had no idea they were switching their name and concept. I’ve read the magazine for close to two decades, and even though I’ve been vegan only a year and a half, it was less relevant to me as a vegan than it would have been some years ago, when they did things to make the recipes easy to convert to vegan, like using egg replacer in baked goods and soy (vegan) parmesan instead of regular.

    That said, I’ve read letters in recent issues where people are saying that while they are not vegetarians yet, the magazine has done a lot to have them eat less meat or consider going vegetarian altogether. Two women wrote in to praise a hair care article that took the needs of women with kinky hair, and for that alone they were considering switching. I REALLY see nothing wrong with gently persuading the world that vegetarianism is good for the world, and veganism is even better. However, if Greens starts to publish meat recipes I will be very disappointed and will have nothing to do with it.

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    I subscribed to their magazine at least twice. As a vegetarian of 30+ years, I did not find it informative and furthermore, the recipes were not impressive and did not include very many vegan offerings. The British vegetarian magazines seem to have their acts together a little more.