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Veg*n With a Side of Mental Torture

Filed under: Food India Travel
A more innocent time: when veg mental torture wasn't a polite topic of conversation.

A more innocent time: when veg mental torture wasn’t a polite topic of conversation.

A vegetarian family from Surat, India was awarded a 118,000 rupee (about $2,680) settlement from Denmark’s SAS Scandinavian Airlines for “racial remarks, misbehavior and mental torture” inflicted on them when they requested veg airline food.

When I recently traveled to Europe, I requested vegan meals with United Airlines upon booking my flight; but both there and back, my meals “were [mysteriously] not boarded.” After some minor finagling, a flight attendant brought me one of the first-class “snack baskets” stuffed with three pounds of crazy Euro fruit; about a half hour later, a different flight attendant brought me a tomato and smoked tofu sandwich! It wasn’t a ‘sNice club or anything, but it tasted incredible in context. So I say risk the torture and demand to be served like other customers–the guy next to me got a “low fat/low sodium” meal with no problems. And if they’re jerks to you, file a complaint and win thousands of dollars. (And read the labels on those snack mixes because a lot of them are cheesy.)


  1. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    Haven’t flown for a little bit over a year, but my airline of choice was Continental Airlines. When I flew them, the vegan meals were made up of an Amy’s Kitchen entree, Sun Flour Baking Co vegan cookie, and a fruit salad! It was awesome!

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    on #

    Virgin Atlantic has had the best vegan meals of any airline I’ve flown. Iceland Air (a partner of SAS) had the worst, leading me to order the fruit plate for later flights. United was also extremely bad about their vegan fare.

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    on #

    Hmmm. My vegan meals “weren’t boarded” on a recent United flight, either. On the way home they were, but they were pretty bad.