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VegNews VegBloggy Awards Winners Announced (Plus a Contest for Our San Francisco Readers)

We’re proud to have been chosen as a winner in the first annual VegNews VegBloggy Awards! We’re also pleased to have the exclusive scoop on the list of other winners (full list below).

To celebrate, we’re giving away two pairs of tickets to VegNews‘s Music Issue Launch Party (which is also the issue that will list the VegBloggy winners in print) on Thursday June 26 at the Electric Works Gallery in San Francisco. There will be lots of great food and drink on offer and music from Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers.

Twenty-one blogs were chosen as winners. Some of these are regular reads, but a
a few I’d never heard of. Many of them have been mentioned or linked on SuperVegan in the past, via our blog or the blogs section of our web directory.

To win those free tickets ($25 each otherwise!) leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite vegan blogs (whether it was chosen by VegNews or not) and mention that you’re interested in the tix. And of course even if you aren’t able to make the event, we’d love to hear about your favorite vegan blogs!

Here’s what they had to say about us:

The Vegan Daily Show
SuperVegan brings you all the news that’s fit to make fun of, as well as actual veg events, product reviews, and thought-provoking posts. With topics that run the gamut from April Fool’s Day jokes about Editor-At-Large Olivia Lane crossing over to the meat-eating dark side, to the extremely serious subject of cat slaughter in China, SV also offers a NYC restaurant guide and links to a slew of veg-friendly blogs and websites. Says Lane, “It’s a nice reminder that not all vegans feel the same about everything.”
Read this blog if: You need to be in the know.

Wow, thanks! We’re thrilled to have won, and extend warm congratulations to all of our fellow winners!

Complete List of Winners of 2008 VegBloggy Awards


  1. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

    on #

    Dude. “The Vegan Daily Show”? We rule! *feels cool* *congratulates other SuperVegans*

    (And, yay, someone got our April Fool’s joke!)

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Nice, the vegan Daily Show. I actually pitched a vegan Daily Show once, and you know we’d have enough news to pull it off these days. But who’s got the time and money to pull that off?

    Congrats, you bean-spillers!

    Oh, and there’s an extra bullet between you and The Urban Housewife. I had to count to make sure it wasn’t a missing blog, but there are 21 listed. Nice to see so many friends and good eats on that list!

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Hay hay hay & congratulations! Just thought I’d give you the scoop on the desserts for the VegNews party. They’re by a new vegan company called Sugar Beat Sweets ( & I may or may not have something to do with them! ;)

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Congrats on the award!! Glad to see the complete list, I’ve got a few new blogs to visit now :-)
    This is definitely the place to come for vegan news. And I’ve been perusing all the restaurant info for my upcoming trip to NYC.

  5. Comment by


    on #

    I’m looking forward to meeting all the Bay Area SuperVeganers at the party… So get your tix!

  6. Comment by


    on #

    Man, I wish I had time/funds to hit this party and meet some of y’all. I’ve been looking forward to going to SF ever since going vegan a few years ago, too. I hear there’s some decent eats out there. Have fun, those of you who are going!

  7. Comment by


    on #


  8. Comment by


    on #

    Congratulations, everyone! Glad to see so many familiar blogs here–and a few I need to go check out right now!

  9. Comment by


    on #

    I’m interested in the tickets! I really like the Raw Model blog at — very enthusiastic, hip, and sexy blog about raw foodism.

  10. Comment by


    on #

    congrats on the award!

    check out this great vegan website – awesome photos and great recipes

  11. Comment by


    on #

    My favorite vegan blog is “What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?” ( because not only is it a great name of an annoying question we’re often asked, but it made me google if it was possible to get electrocuted from licking my monitor.
    I’d love to go to the party if there are still tix!

  12. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Thanks for entering our little contest, haettulegur and MikeDesert! You’re our winners (and should have received notice of that separately). Have fun tonight!

    (And thanks every one else for sharing your favorites and for your congratulations!)

  13. Comment by


    on #

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