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Vida Vegan Con Brings the Vegan Blogosphere Together, In Real Life, This Weekend, 8/26-28, in Portland, OR

Vegan bloggers, UNITE! And get ready to tippity type away with joy this weekend, August 26-28, at the first annual and *sold out* Vida Vegan Conference! A vegan blogging buffet where workshops, panels, speakers, and special events are up for grabs, and I am going to absolutely engorge myself! Figuratively. But also literally! Because it’s in Portland, and I’ve never been there, which means I have to taste the whole city. Lick the sidewalks and such. Mmmm.

In addition to the above mentioned conference-y stuff, there will be goings-on a-plenty: a sneak preview of Vegucated Thursday night followed by a post-screening Q&A with director and creator Marisa Miller Wolfson; a VegNews-sponsored cupcake reception Friday; and the Galarama, a fancy shmancy party and silent auction to benefit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, on Saturday. (The Galarama is open to the public, so bring your friends! Con attendees’ admission is included with Con tickets; everyone else can still buy tickets here.) For a full schedule, check the con’s fantabulous agenda.

Oh, and hey, is that my name on the list of speakers? Why yes it is! Jason Das and I are attending as speakers on the Travel, Group & Community Blogging, and Dating & Mating panels with a bunch of other super cool vegans. We will try our very best to bring you first-hand accounts from the Con, but if we don’t, we know you’ll look at that schedule and understand.

Vida Vegan’s organizers told me how y’all at home can catch a glimpse of the conference (and watch your loving SuperVegans!), and shared a few other helpful tips for conference-goers and admirers alike.

SuperVegan: How can people at home follow the conference?

Vida Vegan Con: LiveStream, Vida Vegan Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And we’ve heard rumors of some our attendees liveblogging. We’ll be sure to point you in their direction.

SV: I want to attend every single session, but my clones are busy this weekend. Will the classes and lectures be recorded for us to view when we get home?

VVC: As a first-year conference, we won’t be able to stream and record every single class offered, but we’ll happily link to all recordings posted by attendees. And check our Livestream for select classes – some total, some partial.

SV: Is there one item every attendee should pack? I’ve never been to Portland — or a blogging conference!

VVC: Look for a blog post up on our site soon! Of course, for a vegan blogger’s convention in Portland, there are a few necessary things–a camera (don’t forget your charger!), layers (rain knows no boundaries here, though it is supposed to be nice), and an extra bag to take home all your swag.

SV: There’s a wonderful list of donors supplying auction items for the Galarama Saturday night. Can you give us a taste of what we’ll be bidding on?

VVC: So many generous folks are coming forward to help support Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary–more stuff shows up every day! We’ve got a Shiraleah Amelie satchel from Alternative Outfitters, some handcrafted items from Kittee Berns, Panda With Cookie, and Late to the Revolution–plus gift certificates, books, wine, and a ticket to Vida Vegan Con 2013!

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    I’d love to give you a list of vegan Portland musts! I love Food Fight, Sweetpea, Herbivore & Scapegoat (the vegan mini mall on SE Stark & SE 12th), Back to Eden Bakery, Dovetail bakery, The Bye & Bye & Sip (Sip is also in SE) on NE Alberta, The Sweet Hereafter & Kitchen Dances on SE Belmont, Portobello on SE Division- but you NEED reservations & Blossoming Lotus (NE 15th). Okay, it depends on how long you’re staying if you can hit all these, but these places are my favorites! I think I should have just written a blog post & directed you to it! ha! Have fun!