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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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View HOME Doc Free on YouTube in HD

Until June 14, HOME, a film that gorgeously illustrates the devastating impact of careless human consumption on Earth’s ecosystems, can be viewed in full for free on YouTube in high definition.

In this stunning (and carbon-offset) bird’s eye view of Earth, breathtaking visuals implicate viewers in the interconnectedness of the planet’s dazzling, seldom-seen landscapes and multitudinously various life. Facilitated by Glenn Close’s urgent narration, HOME highlights patterns and atrocities of human existence: “concentration camp-style cattle farms,” “a forest…turned into meat,” and diversity replaced with standardization. Simply put, “humanity has barely 10 years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoilation of the Earth’s riches and change its patterns of consumption,” says Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand on the movie’s official page.

To deliver that message to the largest possible audience, HOME’s creators released the film with its viewers’ pocketbooks in mind; besides offering the film free on YouTube for a limited time, the creators, with financial backing from PPR—a French holding company that, perhaps conflictingly, owns Gucci and Puma—, are showing it at theaters at discounted rates, on select TV stations, and at free screenings worldwide. The Blu-ray and DVD versions will be in stock at Amazon on June 13 and 14 respectively.

Watch the trailer for just a blink of the eyeful that is HOME:

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