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Village Voice Vegan Ice Cream Battle: Lula’s vs Stogo

Two vegan ice cream parlors call the East Village home. Lula’s Sweet Apothecary and Stogo. The vegans I know are split down the center as to who puts out the superior product. I have actually never been to Stogo; I’m a Lula’s loyalist through and through.

Rebecca Marx of the Village Voice put the two in a head to head battle to determine just who rules the East Village Vegan Ice Cream Scene. I encourage you to read the piece; it’s both in-depth and informative!

For those of you who can’t be bothered with reading a few paragraphs of text or (like me) have blog-brain, here’s the results:

[S]togo has its strong points — that bananas foster really is a thing of beauty — icy texture, slightly misleading flavor descriptions, and a cone moratorium left us cold. So although Lula’s Drumstick was a bit disappointing, the texture and flavors of its ice cream, as well as its generous portions and the choice to order a cone, allowed Lula’s to take victory in this battle.

Score one for the Lula’s loyalists!


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    yay go lula’s!

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    I love Lula’s!

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    I have a better battle!
    Apples Vs Pears
    At least whoever wins is healthy for you.

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    Lula’s deserves the win on MUCH more than the merit of the cone alone! Charm, personality, quality…I could go on and on.

    And, for the record, MY drumstick from Lula’s has always been filled with crunchy pieces of sugar cone, not cake/wafer cone (as the author suggests).

    I have never been disappointed at Lula’s and will continue to go back again and again!

  6. Comment by

    Ali - YumVeggieBurger

    on #

    thanks for linking to this! fascinating…
    I have not been to Stogo either, but I’m OBSESSED with Lula’s!

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    on #

    lula’s wins this battle hands down. the fact that lula’s is owned and operated by 2 actual vegans and stogo is not vegan-owned seals the deal for me. not saying stogo is in it for the fad, but i’d rather give my money to a vegan owned business.

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    does vegan soft serve exist anywhere around here?

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    i went to lulas for the very first time last weekend and i was amazed. yum yum yum. and i got a vegan candy bar that tastes like my old love Almond Joy. Love lulas. Just curious does anyone know if they hire people to work there or is it like a family/friend run business? i live on the upper east side though so it takes a while to get down there. i need to live down town. there are more yummy vegan places there!