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Vivisection Nalgene style.

One of Nalgene's torture devices

One of Nalgene’s torture devices

When I recently heard that one of Ken’s co–workers had told him about Nalgene supposedly making plastic restraints for animals in laboratories, I was shocked. I knew that I wasn’t the only person who bought Nalgene thinking it was one of the companies whose plastic was less harmful in leaching chemicals into the water. I’d also felt really good about bringing my own water from now on, thus reducing some of the ever–increasing plastic waste. I’d never dreamed of them contributing to the evil industry of vivisection.

Upon further research I found out that Nalgene produced a device (among others) that prevents rabbits from breaking their own backs during pyrogen testing, which includes painful injection, bleeding, and inducing fever (see picture). Nalgene’s contact info and tips on writing, calling, or faxing them, is on Rocky Mountain Animal Defense‘s website (a quite amazing animal rights group based in Boulder, CO).

Nalgene has responded to the criticism here.


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    Nalgene states that without animal research, we will never be able to cure diseases like AIDS, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimers. What makes people think the corrupt Big Pharma-owned medical establishment is ever going to able to cure these diseases, when in their entire history, they have never cured ANYTHING?! You cannot name one disease that the medical establishment, with all its countless billions of dollars worth of research over many decades has ever “cured”. And yet we’re constantly assured that a cure for every disease is “just around the corner”, if only we “give till it hurts”, “race for the cure”, torture and murder enough innocent animals. The medical establishment is the third leading cause of death in the USA, causing 225,000 deaths EVERY YEAR! 106,000 of these deaths are from non-error, negative effects of FDA approved prescription drugs! (More on this at So much for their “necessary animal research” and their endless empty promises of cures.

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    frank language

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    Unfortunately, “Dr.” Mercola isn’t exactly in our camp; he and Sally Fallon (with Mary Enig) are big dairy boosters.

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    Dr Mercola is promoting viviesction every day on his website…” according to animal experience” ” we know that animal test ” etc… any kind of fraudulent arguments to sell his products …
    from italy