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Vote for Matt for Sexiest Vegetarian!

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Matt Mims, sexy vegetarian.

Matt Mims, sexy vegetarian.

Guys! My boyfriend Matt is a finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest! I entered him (with his tacit approval) a few weeks ago as a sort-of joke, because he would never, never enter himself in a beauty contest (modest!). Now he’s made it through the first round of voting! Whoa! If he wins, he gets a trip for two to Maui, and I’m not going to pretend that wouldn’t be the BEST.

Besides being intelligent, funny, and strikingly handsome, Matt is sexy by virtue of his washboard ribs. If you’re not convinced yet (don’tchya want me to go to Hawaii?), here’s why you should vote for him:

1. He is VEGAN. And HOT. (See photo.) Hey, stop looking at him like that, gosh!
2. He plays guitar and composes music for vegan art rock band HERE, with his twin brother, Dan, on drums. As you know, vegan boys/musicians rock, and we need to get the word out about more vegan bands.
3. He runs a vegan DIY music venue in Brooklyn with his brothers.
4. He’s the only finalist from NYC. Represent!
5. This vegan would be so happy if he won!

Now that you are armed with these sexy facts, take your ballot-casting fingers and follow the instructions below to vote. And please accept my future posts from Maui/shirtless shots of Matt on the beach as gratitude.

At Farm Sanctuary’s Rockin’ Out for Farm Animals

To vote:
This link will take you directly to Matt’s page
-Click “Submit Your Vote”
-Enter your name and e-mail
-If you’d prefer not to receive e-mails from PETA, uncheck the box
-Click “return to where you left off voting.” This part is deceiving ’cause it seems like you’ve already voted, but you haven’t just yet.
-Click “Submit Your Vote.” The “Submit Your Vote” text should change to “Thanks For Voting!” once your vote has been registered. You did it! Now e-mail everyone you know asking them to vote for Matt. Let’s show these other dudes what sexy is all about!

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