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Watch Hunter Spend 30 Days with AR Family: Tonight at 10pm

Filed under: Film, TV, & Video
Even if George forgets all the vegan life lessons, he will never forget the chicken suit.

Even if George forgets all the vegan life lessons, he will never forget the chicken suit.

Tonight at 10pm on 30 Days, a FX network program created by Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame), watch as avid hunter George Snedeker spends thirty days with a family of vegan animal rights activists (including one PETA staffer). While living with the family in L.A., George participates in protests, eats only vegan meals, and works at a local farmed animal sanctuary. Let’s see if George leaves with some new perspective.


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    I read this a day late :P anyone know when it’s repeating?

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    It will be on Hulu on the 25th.

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    This is a great series and the “Animal Rights” episode was stunning! It was amazing to see, in a single natural scene, the resistance of a die-hard hunter crumble and he start saying “THAT’S NOT RIGHT. ANIMALS SHOULDN’T BE TREATED THAT WAY.” His mouth was gaping open as he saw completely standard practice as they drove-up to a random farm and saw the workers in the dirt yard completely mistreat the young cows – pulling them out of their stalls by their small tails and worse. As the man with him said, “If they were doing that to puppies (and they’re young as puppies) they’d be put in jail!” The “hunter” ended calling himself an actual Animal Rights Activist, saying that he would forever be a changed man after what he saw [of the farm animal cruelty] and knows that all animals should have rights. Hurray!!!

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    You still have another chance to see it on TV (i.e. earlier). Check you TV listings here

    I see it on Friday (6/20) at 11pm.


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    I’d love to read a Super Vegan review :)
    I posted a round-up here:

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    It’s up here. Still downloading, haven’t watched it yet, I can’t wait. I love this show.