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We Can Be (Super)Heroes!

What is the definition of a superhero? Here’s one: A superhero is someone who has unnatural, absolute life-or-death power over other beings and chooses to use that power for good, to correct injustice or stop cruelty.

I was inspired to think about this when I saw this charming restaurant review, “Celebrate World Vegan Day by becoming a Super Hero,” which explains that some people go vegan “because they want to save our endangered world as Superman does.” I love that notion.

On Halloween night I heard my sister-in-law greet a little trick-or-treater dressed as Spider-Man with the noble credo “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Indeed. As the supremely dominant species, we humans have unnatural, absolute life-or-death power over all fellow creatures and the health of this planet. Like most superheroes, none of us asked for this dominance. Still, with this power comes great responsibility.

Every time you put food in your mouth, you are making a choice to either reduce suffering or create it. A superhero acknowledges his or her power and makes the moral choice to use it for good.

Just think: Ninety-five. That’s the average number of animals spared each year by one person’s vegan diet. What would you do to save 95 fellow beings? I’ve been vegan for over twenty years, that’s almost two thousand animals! Whoa!

It’s really not hard and the lives saved are very real. We don’t have to fly around the earth multiple times or be in accidents with radioactive stuff or catch bullets with our bare hands. It’s easy: just think.

We vegans are saving the world one bite at a time. All we do is think before we eat, making us superheroes every single day.

Happy Vegan Month of Food!


  1. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Veganism is not just about food! And many vegan products, food or otherwise, cause suffering in how they’re created.

    Let’s all be constantly mindful and not pretend something is inherently making the world a better place just because it can be certified animal-product free.

  2. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

    on #

    Cat, thank you for this inspiring post. Vegans spend so much time focused on how the world is a terrible place that sometimes we forget to take time out to focus on the positive. What better time than the Vegan Month of Food to celebrate that what we do helps to make the world a better place!