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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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We Didn’t Win a 2007 Veggie Award

I forget what category SuperVegan was nominated in, either best website or best blog. But it doesn’t matter, we didn’t win. The people have spoken, and their favorite blog (of those nominated) was Fatfree Vegan Kitchen and their favorite website was Happy Cow. Congrats to both winners. Those are both great sites, and totally deserving. And thanks to everyone who did cast a vote for SuperVegan–we owe you a Newman-O.

I’m super-proud that our dear home of New York City was voted “Favorite Veg-Friendly City” and Candle 79 won for “Favorite Veg Restaurant.” And the mayor of Vegan New York, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, was both the readers’ “Favorite Cookbook Author” and the editors’ “Personality of the Year” (not to be confused with the readers’ “Favorite Vegan Personality,” Natalie Portman, who’s also sort of from New York). The local media swept both ends of the spectrum, with Jane magazine dubbed “Veg-Friendly Mainstream Mag of the Year” and the New York Times getting a booby prize for that whole Nina Planck vegan-babies-will-surely-die bit. Way to go, NYC!

Some of the winners are a little suspect though. Let’s just say that if your favorite vegan cheese is Tofutti, you’ve got to get out more!

Check out the full list of readers’ choice winners and also the editors’ picks.


  1. Comment by

    bunk existence

    on #

    Is Natalie Portman even vegan?

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Supposedly she’s been vegan since she was eight years old.

  3. Comment by

    bunk existence

    on #

    I keep seeing vegetarian, but who knows. Not I.

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    I also love (meaning that I don’t) how the editors gave HSUS props. Yuck.