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Whale Wars Starts Tonight on Animal Planet

Whale Wars Returns June 5

Tune in at 9pm tonight to see Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew battle Japanese whaling ships. If Season Two is anything like Season One, get ready for a wild ride. Animal Planet has gone all out to promote the show and the current Whale Wars crew has been making the rounds. Last night Captain Watson and crew members Laurens de Groot, Chris Aultman, Shannon Mann even made an appearance on CNN’s Larry King.

Make sure to check out Animal Planet’s site where you can even “Implicate a Friend” and send a personalized video claiming your friend is wanted in connection with anti-whaling activities. And this is via Animal Planet–a national channel with major advertisers… amazing.

Speaking of implicating a friend, SuperVegan’s very own Tod Emko, who appeared on Season One of the show, will not be making an appearance on Season Two as he was in the Galapagos and couldn’t make it on the boat for a second round. Check out the SuperVegan archive for all of Tod’s posts about his experiences protecting animals around the world.

If Sea Shepherd’s crew is indeed “a bunch of pirates” (according to a Greenpeace canvasser on the streets of NYC who was reacting to Tod’s Sea Shepherd-logo hat), then they are some pirates that I can get behind. Argggh matey!

ETA: Check out these videos from the upcoming season: season two sneak peak, meet the crew, and Warning: Graphic Content (must be 18 to view).


  1. Comment by

    J.J. Ueckermann

    on #

    Whale Wars!! Awesome and thought provoking program, hats of to the crew of the Sea Shepherd’s crew.

    Anyone have an address where I can e-mail the Japanese embassy?

  2. Comment by


    on #

    Certainly, J.J. The Japanese Consulate’s email for consular related matters is, and their general email address is You can also find all their phone and fax data here:

    Hope that helps!

  3. Comment by

    Carolyn Oliver

    on #

    Just saw the show. Wow! Keep up the good work, you go Capt Paul. However, I agree it was time for your pal to go home, it appears he was more detrimental than helpful. Sorry I know he has been with you forever, but the team must work as a team and he wasn’t. Love you.

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Hi I love the show but I just saw the one were the people killed like 3 or 4 whales while the sea shepperd was on theyre tail and obviously it didnt matter that they were theyre, well I dont understand why they dont do more stuff to get to them like how bout paint ball guns filled with the acid, or why cant they drop the bottles out of the helicopter???? or make a huge prop fouler to disable the mother ship and then attack it. Im sorry i know theyre doing alot to help but I just think theyres so much more things they can do to stop them!!! like somehow disarming the guns that they use to shoot the whales!!!! Please see if this can get to them for suggestions!!!!! Thanks!

  5. Comment by

    Elena Aleman

    on #

    Hey crew I love your show I have a project due on Friday and we had to choose a topic and so I thought that Icould do it on whales and I’ve looked on alot of search-engines and Ive got nothing so Ithought of whale wars so do ya’ll have any facts for me since you do help save whales well any way I wish you the best and good luck saving the whales.