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Whales in the News: Good news for Right Whales, the NRDC takes the Navy to court

That's Right.

That’s Right.

Red Orbit brings us news that the species said to be the most endangered whale, the Right Whale, has just gained federal habitat protection. The article reads,

“Thousands of square miles off Alaska have been designated as critical habitat for North Pacific right whales, considered the most endangered whale in the world. The federal rule published Thursday designates some 36,750 square miles in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska as critical habitat for right whales. The rule takes effect Aug. 7.”

Protection such as this is predicted to as much as double the chances of the right whale’s survival.

In other news from the Environmental News Network, the Pentagon has just exempted the United States military from environmental regulations of the Marine Mammal Protection Act established to protect marine mammals such as whales from sonar used during training and testing. The article reads,

“The exemption allows the Navy to conduct the 13 exercises it plans over the next six months without seeking permission for each under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The exemption is allowed under law, but it was the first time the Pentagon had used that authority. The Defense Department may renew the Navy’s exemption for up to two years.”

The exemption was in response to the still pending lawsuit brought against the Navy by the National Resource Defense Council. Oh and the Navy is also in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act according to the NRDC.

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