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What I Think: Vega Shake & Go Smoothie

Vega Shake & Go Smoothie

Vega Shake & Go Smoothie might not taste great, but it does come in pretty packages.

It’s a rare day when I don’t start it off with two bananas, three frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup of soymilk, a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Smoothies are my vice.

It was hard not to be skeptical of the Vega Shake & Go Smoothie based on its packaging alone: “Just add water, shake & go!” Just add water? Hrmmm. But, I do have some positive history with Vega. I’ve been using the Vega Sport Performance Optimizer for a couple of months to give me some pep and keep me from getting excessively thirsty on my runs. It’s easy to make: add a scoop to a cup of water and stir! Drink it down. Wait thirty or so minutes (or longer if your digestive tract requires) and go outside and run the crap out of the streets! The flavor isn’t too sweet and not too earthy. It isn’t difficult to drink, but it’s not something I crave. I don’t drink it for its taste.

I do expect a smoothie to please my taste buds, though. The Shake & Go Smoothie holds itself out as a quick way to consume your daily dose of protein, fiber and green veggies. But, don’t go giving away your blender just yet! I’ve given the Shake & Go Smoothie more than a fair shake: I’ve added water to it and mixed it with a fork and I’ve taken it to the blender, too. I even varied the amount of water, but there’s just nothing smoothie-like about this product’s consistency when it’s mixed only with water. It’s a bit gritty no matter how you prepare it. And, because it’s full of green foods like alfalfa grass, kale and spinach, it does not taste like the fresh fruit smoothie many of us drink regularly.

So that it doesn’t go to waste, I have taken to adding the Shake & Go Smoothie mix to my morning smoothie. It adds some more calories, and a bunch of good, healthy stuff that I don’t get in my multivitamin like probiotic cultures and Omega-3s, -6s and -9s. I’ve tried the Bodacious Berry and Tropical Tango flavors, and both bump up the fruity flavor in my smoothie. I think Vega is onto something with these products meant for the rest of us (e.g., the non-triathletes), but they’ve improperly marketed the Vega Shake & Go Smoothie. Unless it’s blended with other foodstuffs to mask its flavor and consistency, the Shake & Go Smoothie simply is not a good alternative to your basic fresh fruit smoothie, no matter how convenient Vega claims it to be.

Learn more about Vega’s product line at


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    So apart from being not at all smoothie like, it didn’t taste good? I was thinking of bringing one to the airport with me to add to a bottle of water at some point in my long day of travel, but I won’t bother if they’re gross!

    Also, did you try all the flavors? I had heard the chocolate was good.

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    on #

    Yep, it didn’t taste good. (That’s why I was adding it to my smoothie to “mask its flavor and consistency.”)

    As my review notes, I tried the Bodacious Berry and Tropical Tango flavors. I won’t pay to try any other flavors. (And, I can’t imagine chocolate tasting that radically different from the two flavors I did try.)

    I’d recommend just buying some juice at the airport.

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    I love the shake-and-go smoothies, I wouldn’t exactly call them a “smoothie”, but there good to keep your energy up, and FYI they taste way better mixed with coconut water or soymilk, especially the chocolate smoothie flavor. :)

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    I have tried all 4 and usual use the choc one with cocoa hemp protein powder and pumpkin seed protein powder at night for a snack and the others I mix 50/50 with vega smoothie infusion to get less sodium and some probiotics too. On its own I dont like it but when mixed in with my normal smoothies it adds to the taste and the goodness.

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    i’ve gotta say, while not quite really a smoothie, i love this stuff. I have been making a concerted effort to eat breakfast in the a.m. but my stomach usually can’t handle anything that early plus i sleep in till the last second so i don’t have time for much. This is a fantastic compromise for me, before i go to bed i fill up a shaker with water (so i don’t have a “who the eff drank all the water out of the brita and did not fill it back up” moment) . in the morning on my way out the door i plop in 2 spoonfuls of this stuff in my shaker and shake while walking to my car. i’m good to go, its breakfast enough for me without wrecking havoc on my stomach @ 7 in the morning. i’ve tried all the flavors, they’re ok, but i’m partial to the vanilla amondilla flavor.

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    on #

    I’ve only tried the Tropical Tango. I liked it. It’s not fresh fruit and vegetables but it’s one of the best “mixes” I’ve tried, taste and texture. I think the single-packs would be great for travel. If someone knows a better pea protein mix, post it, please.

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    I have tried this stuff in a variety of different ways and cannot manage to get even a glass full of it down. It smells horrible and tastes like dirt no matter what u mix it with. $ 21.00 down the tubes and I’m a little disappointed.

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    on #

    Oh my, I cannot believe this stuff doesn’t have better reviews. I’ve tried the chocolate and vanilla almondillo and they are sooo tasty. I prefer my smoothies with it as opposed to without it. I’ve also tried the tangerine but was not too impressed with it.