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What SuperVegan Ate Over Holiday Vacation (To Portland)!

Happy New Year, Super Vegans!

The LA SV HQ packed-up the ol’ Prius and headed north for the holidays. We ate a lot of truly delicious things along the way. Here’s our foodiary:

First stop was Sunnyvale, CA. We celefeasted at Great Vegi Land, whose owner stayed open late just for us, so we ordered half the menu! This is the kind of vegan restaurant that also abstains from onions and garlic, two of my favorite things:

great vegi land

Top row: Hot & Sour Soup, Tofu Clay Pot, Mao Pao Tofu With “Fish”
Bottom row: Dry Salted String Beans, Veggie Beef With Black Pepper Sauce, Kung Pao Veggie Chicken

We sandwich’d at Ike’s and then tweeted with the man himself about getting a location for ourselves in LA:


Vegan Captain Kirk, Vegan Pilgrim, Vegan Chocolate Chili Banana Cookie From Cake Monkey

We ate until all the food was gone at Merit Vegetarian, my fav:


Spicy Delight, Mocha Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, and Vietnamese Crepe

We left Sunnyvale and continued north to Hiouchi, where the food paled in comparison to the trees. We went on a hike through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and found Grove Of The Titans, a secret trove of trees the size of skyscrapers.We actually had a couple other dishes, but they were so good I forgot to photograph them!


That’s SV mascot Argon, a XL dog.

Then our pilgrimage to vegan Mecca began: PORTLAND!

We had sweet and savory vegan waffles from The Heart Cart:

heart cart

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana, Coconut Waffle, The Heart Cart, Gravy & Kale Waffle

We were Hungry Tigers Too!:

hungry tiger too

Spicy Wings, Corn Dog Basket and Portland Scramble with Biscuits and Gravy

We had Chili Pie at The Bye And Bye:

bye and bye

And a Brussel Sprout Bowl, too.

We had approximately 4 doughnuts each at Voodoo Doughnut:voodoo

Check out some video of their revolving doughnut display of doom!

We finished-out 2012 with two exceptional meals, the first was at Blossoming Lotus:

blossoming lotus

Potato Leek Soup, Crispy Thai Wrap, Whiskey Ginger BBQ Sandwich

And the second was at the dimly lit and hard to photograph Bamboo Sushi:

bamboo sushi

310 Roll (marinated fried tofu, roasted peppers, cucumbers, asparagus and yamagobo wrapped with avocado and sweet shitake glaze), PDX Roll (tempura shishito pepper, smoked pickled asparagus, pickled shitake, pickled red onion garlic tofu aioli and shitake glaze– so hard to photograph, so delicious to eat), Coconut Panna Cotta in a Yuzu Sour Cherry Reduction and a Sesame Granola Tuile.

An amazing way to ring in the new year!

We started 2013 off right with some pizza at Sizzle Pie:

sizzle pie

Apocalypse Dudes Slice, Spinal Tap Slice, Caligula Salad

And a new pair of kicks! Some Movmt sneakers while listening to MGMT courtesy The Shoe Store, which has a fabulous vegan footwear selection.


Sadly, we had to leave Vegadise (vegan paradise) and begin the long journey home. Don’t worry Portland, Jason and I will be back to eat the rest of you during the Vida Vegan Con in May! There was some emergency Taco Belling, but there was also this lovely Summer Harvest Salad (in the middle of winter) with oriental sesame dressing at the Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta:


And a tasty lunch at The Plum Cafe in Sacramento.

plum tree

3 Baha Street Tacos, A Peanut Butter Creamy and an Entertainer, Award Winning California Burger and fries

And after approximately 80,000 hours in the car and one last run for the border, we made it home only to find that our waistlines hadn’t.

Eat anything amazing over the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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