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What the heck is going on with Jay Astafa and 3 Brothers?

So last night and into this morning, the vegan equivalent of the Amy’s Baking Co. Facebook meltdown went down between Jay Astafa and the two current owners of 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe’s Rockville Centre location. Of course, nothing can top the ridiculousness of Amy’s Baking Co., and I’m happy to say no one in the vegan community has yet to publicly act like such a hot mess on social media (that I’m aware of), but this incident was certainly embarrassing for everyone involved.

For those who are unfamiliar with Jay and 3 Brothers, 20-year-old Jay Astafa is quickly establishing himself  as a phenomenal vegan chef. He created the excellent vegan menu at 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Rockville Centre, NY, which was started by his father and has since changed ownership. Jay recently opened up a second 3 Brothers location in Farmingdale and is no longer involved with the original location. He also hosted a pop-up dinner earlier this month in NYC, called Jay Kitchen, and has expressed interest in expanding it to a full-service restaurant in the city. I know nothing about the new 3 Bros RVC owners, and couldn’t find much about the sale online.

I’ll pause here to say that if you haven’t eaten at 3 Bros, it’s amazing. I went to the Rockville Centre location last year, when Jay’s family still owned it, and it was probably one of the best vegan eating experiences I’ve had in the NYC area. Jay Astafa and 3 Brother’s are a staple in the Long Island vegan community, and the restaurant’s vegan menu, when I tried it, was exceptional. They even served a complimentary bread basket with Earth Balance. Free Earth Balance. The restaurant also offered plenty of gluten free options. I have yet to go back since the Rockville Centre location changed hands, nor have I tried the Farmingdale restaurant.

The Facebook meltdown that occurred last night has since been taken down, but luckily I took some screen caps on my phone. I’ve pasted them below, with commentary. Please note that I didn’t grab shots of the entire incident, only parts of it.

First, it appears that when the 3 Brothers RVC location was sold, it wasn’t a smooth transaction..

photo (1)


The new 3 Brothers RVC owners responded:

photo (2)

photo (3)


Jay fires back from his personal Facebook account:

photo (4)

photo (6)


Think this can’t get any more ridiculous? It does!

photo (5)


Holy crap, People’s Court! Veganism really has gone mainstream. This is all I managed to get, and who knows if any of it is actually true, but let this be a lesson that whatever you put online is forever. So if you’re gonna talk shit, don’t do it in front of an audience of billions. Someone might just blog about it.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    I ate @ 3 Brothers a couple of months ago. I think that they should come up with new recipes. Their version of the original menu was awful (taste-wise). Not sure if the new owners are vegan or just trying to run a business. I knew something was different when I did not recognize a soul. RVC & Farmingdale are too far apart to be considered competition. Sorry for all their troubles but as a customer I am interested in good food & good service. I received neither (RVC).

  2. Comment by

    Emily Nolan

    on #

    Wow. Great journalism. That is some serious disaster going on…nice work on the screen shots Jason :)

  3. Comment by

    Elisa Verna

    on #

    Glad you liked it, Emily!

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Glad I read this, though I’m not sure who I side more with. Thanks for the investigation.

    Also, just FYI, it’s spelled Rockville CentRE, not Rockville Center. Kind of a pet peeve.

  5. Comment by

    Elisa Verna

    on #

    Hey Anon,

    Thanks for the correction! I’ve changed it.

  6. Comment by


    on #

    Just wanted to let you know that The people’s court episode is airing Thursday September 19th at 3pm on FOX.

  7. Comment by

    Donna Green

    on #

    I will add my two cents. I had major concerns when the admittedly non- vegan owners took over. Being a vegan is not something one does, it is who one is. There is a belief system at the core and non-vegans who are operating such an establishment for business purposes, may not share the vision. My suspicions were well founded when former employees informed the public that the food preparers served meat to vegans. Vegan food is expensive and someone who is not committed to that way of life will cut corners. I wished things could have worked our for them but one does not simply follow vegan recipes and expect vegan magic. It takes so much more than that and I did not see that commitment.