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What’s Eating Gwen Now?

All Gwyneth Paltrow needs is a big salad.

All Gwyneth Paltrow needs is a big salad.

Hollywood heavyweight, Gwyneth Paltrow has gone soft on her eating habits. After many years, the star reportedly put her strict macrobiotic diet to rest in order to shed weight from her pregnancy, and “has only recently relaxed rules so she can have dairy products.”

Now she follows a strict eating program designed by celebrity health guru Dr. Joshi.

According to reports, Paltrow’s old diet essentially consisted of fruit, vegetables and grains—typical wholesome and slimming nutrition. The new diet assigns her to eat only turkey, chicken, white fish, vegetables and bananas. The eight-week regimen says throw out all wheat, dairy, sugar, gluten, red meat and alcohol. While that is advice most could benefit from, pushing the consumption of poultry and fish is perplexing.

This dieting roller coaster seems unnecesary. If she already had strict macrobiotic/vegan friendly eating habits, why did Paltrow “relax” her rules and go back to dairy at all before following the advice of Dr. Joshi? Do people still believe that eating dairy can help weight loss? Don’t get me started on that!

One would think if you’re eating a wholesome, organic plant-based diet with moderate activity (which I’m sure a celebrity mother of two can manage) weight loss wouldn’t be an issue. Is this just another celeb ruse to go back to eating foods you know you’d get flack for in the press if it wasn’t for a health guru’s advice? I wonder.

In the end, of course, she can and will eat what she chooses. But if it’s really about weight loss, I’d have come up with a better story.


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    frank language

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    We see again and again that people eat what they want. Period. Whether it’s a celebrity like Gwyneth or Bryce Dallas Howard (who needs a “certain kind of eggs”), people will always find ways to rationalize their food fetishes.

    Louise Lasser, on the other hand, reportedly put on a lot of weight after the end of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, and took off most of it by going on a diet where she ate “nothing white.” Who are these diet gurus? I want a custom-crafted diet too!

  2. Comment by


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    I agree with the article. People can and should eat whatever the hell they want to eat. So, Paltrow should just say she wants to eat dairy and meat because she likes it. Instead she is “blaming” her choice to eat meat/dairy/egg on the failure of a plant-based diet. People do this all the time – “I tried a vegan diet, but I didn’t feel good?” These people are cowards. They should stand by their new found convictions and say that they want to eat meat, dairy, eggs because they like it or as my sister-in-law says, “because I believe in meat.”

    After all, a plant-based diet isn’t about a “diet” per say at all, its about your beliefs and value system. Paltrow should be proud of her new diet choices/values/beliefs, as ugly as they are, and not hide behind some misguided ruse to discredit the vegan diet! Its just plain cowardly.

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    I was a strict veg until I got pregnant. I craved meat like crazy, and I was on prenatal vitamins for vegatarian moms. My doctor said eat meat–my body was telling me what I needed..I did, and gave birth to a very healthy 9lb14oz baby girl. After she was born, I went back to my vegan diet..but I did have to increase my dairy intake b/c I was nursing her. After she was weaned, I went back to my limited/no dairy diet.
    Personally, if I want something out of the ordinary, I eat it. Does it compromise my beliefs? fact it shows how flexible I am. No issue is black / white, either/or, including diet.

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    If you crave something, such as meat, it is usually because you are laking in a mineral/vitamin/micronutriant or other essential group. Having done high levels of sport training for the past few months I craved some dairy produce but would not break my veganism. With discussion with other sports people (primarily body builders, martial artists and runners) I found out the few nutrents I was lacking in and altered these in my diet and felt fine, all staying vegan.

    Mik, you may of been missing something you could of easily got without meat. I dont think being vegan is about being ‘flexible’, for when will someone who is a ‘flexible vegan’ actually be a vegan, not on a saturday night out? not on holiday? not when pregnant? not when (sports) training?