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Where Is L.A.’s Best Veggie Burger? Pt. IV

Welcome to the fourth installment of the VegLympics in Los Angeles, Veggie Burger Competition!

Recap of the game thus far:
First up was Hole In The Wall Burger Joint (HITW), which received a score of 53 (out of a possible 60). Second was O! Burger, they got a 50.50. Last time it was Veggie Grill with a lead-grabbing score of 53.5 We’ve adopted the ISU Judging System, that’s the International Skating Union scoring system, minus the 8 other judges and a comprehensive understanding of how it works. Apparently, a score on a scale of .25 to 10 is given in each of the following categories:

-Skating Skills (SS)
-Transitions/linking footwork and movement (TR)
-Performance/execution (PE)
-Choreography/composition (CH)
-Interpretation (IN)
-Timing (T)

Today’s burger is brought to us by Doomie’s. That’s not to say our dinner was comp’d in any way, we paid full retail prices. Located in a strip mall on the corner of Fountain and Vine, Doomie’s is a place I like to eat at but hate to say its name out loud. Please to notice my avoidance of the moniker for the duration of this review.

SS 9.0
There are lots of burgers to choose from, but I ordered a Big Mac, which is not even on the menu, you just have to KNOW to ask for it. I don’t know why, especially seeing as they have a whole separate gluten-free menu for those kinds of special needsy eaters. Chances are you will see someone at an adjacent table eating one, you will want it for yourself, you will compare it to all the burgers that are on the menu, and when you fall short, you will ask your server, in a hush toned, “What is THAT burger? Me wantee.” This is a tower of burger with three pieces of bun, two patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion and “special sauce.” Half of this burger is a whole burger. I went all-out and upgraded my side from fries to mac n chee for a nominal extra fee.

TR 9.5
When I asked Doomie’s FacePage what the patties are in their burgers, the FacePage told me, “We use quite a few different products; our burgers are a blend of soy/vegetable proteins and wheat gluten.” I don’t know whether that means they make the patties themselves, or whether they’re just listing the ingredients on the Gardein package, but they are some good tasting Meatless Technologies. And FINALLY! A burger with the proper levels of savory pickleness!

PE 9.5
The special sauce tastes like one thousand islands and the cheesy sauce is so yummy I wish I could get the recipe, or, even better, buy it by the jug. Seriously, he-who-shall-not-be-named, you should sell this stuff by the pint. I wish the burger had been cut in half for me, by someone in the kitchen with a machete, but once I sawed my way through this thing my mouth was air chewing. It was an idyllic burger, but maybe possibly even a little too much burger for me.

CH 9.0
I’m not sure just how much I wound up spending on my burger. Between it, my extra expensive side dish, the two croissants, brownie and two cupcakes I ordered to go home with me, and my date’s nachos, it was hard to do the maths. I’m pretty sure they charge you for a regular burger, which is $7.95 and then add extra things to it, like the second patty costs an additional $3, etc. It wasn’t cheap, but it didn’t seem crazy either. I suppose it would have if it’d been lunch.

IN 9.5
I never had a real Big Mac, so I have no frame of reference, but oh, if all vegan burgers could taste this good! The side of mac with my mac was good, but totally and completely overpowered by the sprinkling of bacon bits on top. I like the idea of putting something crunchy atop my mac, but bread crumbs would’ve been better than Bac-Os which are the most potent bits in a vegan arsenal. On a side note from judging: the nachos were a mountain of yum, though distinctly lacking in guacamole and the desserts were a disappointment. I ate them all anyways, of course.

T 9.0
The main problem with this Hollywood Veganeatery is that the service can be hit or miss. Our server was super nice, but she was the only one on the floor and was too busy for our good. The food sometimes comes out cold, which is a real problem. The other issue I had was how to re-heat my leftover half of Big Mac? There was no good way as the bread had adhered to the liquids which had adhered to the patty. It was not great day 2, not that any burger would be, but if you’re only capable of eating one burger sized burger, you will feel sad at the lost wastefulness of deliciousness of the second half and should just get a regular burger and eat the whole thing right then and there and not this double double. Well, get the Big Mac once, for the sheer novelty of it. If you’re big enough, maybe share it with a deserving friend.

Total Score = 55.5

Amazing! The New Champs are going to be hard to beat. Perhaps the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger at Native Foods will best them?


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    Big Macro at M Cafe!

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    Without Bacon

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    Looks great! If you’re looking for restaurant reviews at the other end of the culinary spectrum, check out my blog, “Without Bacon”. — I review the vegetarian options at some of the top restaurants in New York (and beyond). Would love any comments/feedback!

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    thasts a huge hamburger looks tastefull
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    Thanks for the review and for being awesome. I must try next time I’m in area.

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    I had a great barbecue burger at Leaf in Venice. Fabulous! and the french fries were extra crisp!