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As our regular visitors are painfully aware, SuperVegan recently took an unscheduled and unannounced 10-day break. During that time, we missed blogging about all sorts of stuff. Here’s an attempt to cover everything we missed between November 28th and December 8th, in no particular order:

  1. The always excellent U.S. Food Policy blog investigates the National Pork Board’s purchase of the “Other White Meat” slogan for 60 million taxpayer dollars.
  2. Mylan at the likewise always excellent Animal Ethics wrote a handy history and analysis of the sinister Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.
  3. In brighter news, The Wisconson State Journal reports that “the law is on the side of animal-rights activists who want to buy buildings next to the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s primate labs and open a museum highlighting the cruelty they say happens at the labs.”
  4. Continental Airlines has banned the shipment of adult chickens as an anti-cockfighting measure.
  5. Vegan Freaks directs us to two new websites launched by animal-ethics superstar and Rutgers professor Gary Francione: a blog, simply entitled Animal Rights, and a more static site dedicated to explaining his abolitionist theory of animal rights.
  6. A couple interviews with vegans that you might enjoy: The Post Punk Kitchen‘s Isa Chandra Moskowitz in the Washington Post and Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey in the Wall Street Journal.
  7. Everybody’s favorite vegan blogger, Ryan at VegBlog, wrote a great essay on veganism as extreme or (as he argues) not. There’s also some heady discussion going on in the comments.
  8. Everybody’s other favorite vegan blogger, Herman at Vegan Porn, points us to the UN’s announcement that “Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving car.” (Just don’t use this as an excuse to drive a car, kids.)
  9. What happens to egg-laying hens once they’re too old to be profitably productive? They’re sealed in boxes and gassed to death with carbon dioxide. Any vegetarian who eats commercially-produced eggs should read the AP’s Zombie Chickens, which looks at the various retirement options for “spent” hens, including sausage (it’s cheaper to just buy new chickens) and “fuel for power plants” (the technology’s not quite there yet).
  10. The UK Mirror offers a roundup of fake fur vs. real fur wearing celebrities. Sadly, the more I like someone’s work, the more likely they are to wear real fur. Grrr!
  11. Inspired by their Dutch compatriots, a new animal-rights-focused political party has been formed in the UK, called Animals Count. Says chairwoman Jasmijn de Boo: “First slaves were liberated. Then women and children. Now it is time to do the same for animals.” And in a parliamentary system, they might even get elected. Right on!
  12. Finally, New York City approved a partial ban on trans fats. The SuperVegan investigative team is working through the details of the ruling and how it could impact some of our favorite eats. We’ll have more on this soon!

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    Laura Leslie

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    Everybody’s favorite vegan blogger

    Hey! My favorite vegan blogger is the great Olivia Lane. ;)

    Thanks for doing the round-up, Jason.