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Who Wants a Vegan Doughnut Shop in New York?

Meeeeeeee! And now, if we’re all willing to put in a little dough–dough!–it could actually materialize, in the form of a Dun-Well Doughnuts store somewhere in Brooklyn, hot damn!

Dun-Well’s founders Christopher Hollowell and Dan Dunbar posted a fund-raising project to IndieGoGo Thursday night. The $15,000 they aim to raise will help make the secret bat cave storefront “customer-ready,” according to their project page. “In addition to floors, ceiling, walls, chairs, tables, counters, and lights, we are going to need the money to invest in display racks, a cash register, coffee equipment, a refrigeration unit, and an ice-cream bar (yes, we’ll have ice-cream! delicious, vegan ice-cream!)”

Project funding began yesterday and will end on November 15. That’s 60 days to contribute in exchange for some sweet incentives like doughnut coupons, T-shirts, tiles in the store bearing your name, doughnut parties (!), and lots of other stuff I’ll leave you the joy of finding out about for yourself.

IndieGoGo is similar to Kickstarter, which enables dreamers to post a web page about their projects and set a fund-raising goal that they must meet by a certain date. Generous random people donate to the project at different funding levels that may come with perks the project master offers. (For example, if you give $500 to Sam’s hypothetical abortion project, you get to name the fetus! ) With IndieGoGo, unlike Kickstarter, you get the money your friends and admirers donated whether you reach your goal or not, and you have access to the funds as they’re contributed, rather than waiting until reaching the project end date.

So, uh, let’s fund some doughnuts, right?! And if you have any doubt about how doughnuts help animals, (DUH, IT’S SO OBVIOUS), here’s from the guys: “Please share this link with anyone who cares about animals and the potential great vegan food can carry as a gateway to getting people to open themselves up to the idea that animals matter!”

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    I want one in Ottawa ON CANADA! Please?