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Why UK Mars Bars Becoming “Suitable For Vegetarians” Is Worse For Animals

Something's wrong with this picture when it encourages more, rather than less, harm to animals!

Something’s wrong with this picture when it encourages more, rather than less, harm to animals!

About a month ago, the recipe for Mars Bars in the UK was altered to include rennet. After significant outcry from vegetarians, the company changed their mind and decidied to stick to a rennetless candy bar. And now, they’ve decided that they’re sufficiently impressed by the market power of the vegetarian lobby that they’re gunning for official approval from the Vegetarian Society.

While this will require a few adjustments in the production, it still won’t make the bars vegan. (One of the provisions, for example, is that the eggs be “free-range.”) And, as Vegan Porn Taste Better pointed out, there’s not going to be any less harm to cows: “rennet is extracted from calves’ stomachs, and these are the same calves who aren’t growing up to produce milk for the chocolate, what with being born male and all.” Not to mention that many “vegetarians” eat rennet all the time anyway, as it’s in many (if not most) cheeses. In any event, putting “Suitable for Vegetarians” and the Society seal on Mars bars wrappers will result in more vegetarians eating them, and more harm to animals. That kinda sucks.

(I’m pretty sure that all of this is unrelated to the North American Mars bar, which is a different product despite similar corporate parentage.)


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    Why is this such a big deal? Don’t you have something better to write about?

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    Animal suffering is a big deal Clyde.
    Very good post Jason. I agree with you!