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Woodstock FAS Opening & Extended Matching Donor Program

Olivia wants to see you at the fete this weekend.

Olivia wants to see you at the fete this weekend.

Just a reminder that Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary kicks off its public visiting hours with a celebration this Saturday, sponsored in part by Follow Your Heart Natural Foods, Tofurky, and Satya Magazine. (Rain date is Sunday, Sept. 10.)

The long-awaited official opening was made possible by donations made during the matching funds drive, in which an anonymous donor pledged to match up to $6,000 through the end of August.

Well, WFAS has received $4,772 in contributions, and the donor has agreed to extend the drive until Sunday! So help Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary hit the $6,000 (and ultimately, $12,000) mark by donating online, or head up for the festivities this weekend and make a donation in person. The animals will thank you.


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    on #

    Visiting Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary was so much fun! I got a chance to really bond with the animals and see how life is for them where they have space and freedom to enjoy their natural surroundings. I encourage everyone to go (I believe they are open until the end of October). It’s only a relatively short drive from NYC (about 2 hours) and everyone on the farm is superfriendly and informative. There are definitely a couple of characters that you will find hard to forget, although Olivia, the goat, was my personal favorite.

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    Roseann Marulli

    on #

    I’m so glad you went (and jealous!). I have to stop working so much on the weekends and get my butt up there soon.

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    Olivia Lane

    on #

    Check out my new friend Weibke’s photo’s here.

    I was so happy to meet another Olivia! Jessica and I have adopted her! (Please pay attention to how cute Olivia the goat is and not to how dorky I look!)