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World’s First Vegan Strip Club in Portland

Filed under: Oregon Sex
Snacks and snatch.

Snacks and snatch.

Portland seems to be a veritable vegan paradise, complete with an all vegan strip mall and now an all vegan strip club.

Johnny Diablo, an ethical vegan of 23 years, opened Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club earlier this month in the site of his now closed pirate themed vegan family restaurant, Pirates Tavern— a business that, according to The Willamette Weekly, Diablo claims didn’t thrive because most vegans live at the poverty level or below.

Though Casa Diablo dancers are forbidden to wear animal products, Diablo doesn’t boast the establishment’s vegan status (except when courting the press). Neither its flier nor its Mexican menu mention the V-word. This time around, Diablo hopes to strike gold with an alluring combo of T&A and a smoke-free environment–things he hopes the moneyed non-vegan masses and privileged vegans with pockets full of dollar bills can enjoy.

For juicy gossip and strong opinions about the hypocrisy of this business, check out The PPK and The Portland Mercury.

For a fun look inside the place, check out this news clip from Fox’s Good Morning Portland where Diablo says, “Vixens, not veal. Sizzle, not steak. We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.” Awesome! Johnny Diablo is officially my favorite dirty old man.


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    al oof

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    can someone reopen the pirate restaurant in ny? please?

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    ^ best comment EVAR!!!!1!!!

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    I feel as though the owner is trying to help one marginalized group by objectifying another. The quote from Diablo is disgusting. If you care to read, more info on my blog post here:

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    I’m with pattrice jones on this one.

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    Whoa, I am totally disgusted.

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    I think it’s a great idea to open this vegan strip club.

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    Oregon is a very veg friendly city, and this just adds to their rep. It will be interesting to see if VEGANS actually come out to the strip club, too.