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Worst Bklyn Restaurant: William Taft or V-Spot?

Besides our recent comment wars, we’ve also seen some heated action in the restaurant reviews, with readers focused on two new-ish Brooklyn eateries: the somewhat established but still green V-Spot in Park Slope, and Greenpoint’s own lightning rod William Taft Vegetarian Diner.

The Taft has eight reviews and counting, while the V-Spot is at an even ten. This compared with the newly opened (and New York Mag highlighted) Health Conscious Express in the East Village: zero reviews. But what’s most intriguing about this trend is that the reviews for both V and Taft are getting worse as time wears on. What’s the deal? Is this just negative response bias? Or are you guys just Brooklyn hermits like me?

More additions to our restaurant guide are upcoming, so stay tuned for new places to complain about.


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    al oof

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    people who are happy about their experience in a restaurant are rarely moved to post about it on a review site. some people who enjoy reviewing things -in general- will leave reviews about wherever they’ve been, but that isn’t nearly as common as people who are angry wanting to let other people know what sucked. so there are a bunch of people leaving some positive reviews for some things and some negative reviews for other things. and some people leaving negative reviews only about just the one thing. but not so many people leaving positive reviews for just the one thing.

    that’s the way i see it.

    i’m looking forward to sharing my opinion of vinnie’s!

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    I haven’t been to William Taft yet, but I can tell you that V-Spot wins “Most Improved”. When V-Spot opened it was an absolute joke. Now it’s a completely different place – I love it. They even redecorated.

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    I haven’t tried the Taft yet, but I have been to the V-Spot twice now. I was afraid for quite a while because of the negative comments on this site, but decided that since it was in my neighborhood I had to give it a shot. I think the food and service are good, and second time I went there with my husband, the waiter (an owner?) asked us a lot of questions about how we liked it, what brought us there, etc. I think that although it’s not “perfect” (what is?) they are really trying to make it better, and they’re doing well.

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    havent been to taft yet but V Spot has DEFINITELY improved. Their brunch is really good – excellent chocolate chip pancakes and tofu scramble and overall the place is really nice and they seem to now have their act together. I’m a fan.

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    Is Taft out of business??? I walked by yesterday and the gate was down. I called today and the message was that they can’t take orders or messages via phone, they are still open and visit them soon. Are they on vacation? Are the closed for good? It would be smart to post a sign on the gate or change the voice mail. I still don’t get it…