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Wowing My Doc With My Vegan Awesomeness!

Total Cholesterol at 128 = Awesome!

Total Cholesterol at 128 = Awesome!

I’m fresh out of my doc’s office with a steaming copy of my health report. My doc had this to say:

Your cholesterol levels are amazing. Wow, it’s impressive. Just great! Everything’s great! Wow!

Now, I should mention that she repeated the “Your cholesterol levels are amazing, wow” part about 3 times.

The Mayo Clinic says it is “desirable” for total cholesterol levels to be below 200 mg/dL – mine is 128; LDL (bad) cholesterol levels are “optimal” when under 70 mg/dL – I scored 59; HDL (good) cholesterol levels are “best” at 60 – I scored exactly 60; and triglycerides are “desirable” when under 150 mg/dL, mine is 43.

How come they don’t have “awesome” as a category? I’d totally rawk that! These numbers show that I have a super duper low risk of heart disease – all thanks to all the yummy vegan goodies I eat that no one had to suffer for!!

I propose that folks with total cholesterol levels of less than 160 mg/dL should be granted a “You’re Like Vegan Awesome” honor and anything more than that should be categorized as “Isn’t It Time You Go Vegan?” and the folks should be given this handy heart disease and cholesterol fact sheet from PCRM.

Now, how do I go about campaigning for that?


  1. Comment by


    on #

    I had a similar experience a while back.

    When I stated with this vegan thing in ’93, my folks made me go to the doctor to make sure that I wasn’t killing myself.

    Not only was my cholesterol 74, but I answered every one of the doctor’s questions and then some. A week later, he told my folks how impressed he was with my health (and my knowledge of nutrition).

    Yay veganism.

  2. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    74?!?! Wow! I’m going to catch up on you, Mr. JoeSmith!!

  3. Comment by

    frank language

    on #

    I think my doctor had seen vegans before; she wasn’t very impressed that my total cholesterol had dropped from over 200 to 137 in a couple of years. (Okay, it went down to about 163 the first year, which was good enough for me at the time.)

    She’s much more interested in promoting dairy products as a “good source of protein and calcium” and just making sure my cholesterol levels are in “the range,”

    You wanna give me your doctor’s info?

  4. Comment by

    frank language

    on #

    As I was saying, she’s [my doctor is] much more interested in promoting dairy products as a “good source of protein and calcium” and just making sure my cholesterol levels are in “the range” – that is, within the range of too little (?) serum cholesterol and too much.

  5. Comment by


    on #

    I am looking for a good vegan doctor in the NYC area. Especially one that is anti-mainstream.
    Please post a link or any info…attn Behane
    Thank You

  6. Comment by


    on #

    I also amazed my doctor with vegan health. I had the lowest LDL cholesterol level she’s ever seen. When I told her I was a vegan ex-smoker who runs 8 miles/day, she almost dropped her clipboard. Most doctors have studied more about drugs and dosages than nutrition, so they underestimate the obvious advantages of eating a healthy diet. As Heraclitus said a few millenia ago, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.” It’s appaling how no medical schools require any sort of extensive study of nutrition, when diet causes most of the common health problems that people face. Instead, they sell you drugs make things worse -fighting the symptoms, while ignoring the causes. And who funds the med. schools? The drug companies. Typical, in a world dominated by corporate greed.

  7. Comment by

    Brian Murphy

    on #

    hi all…i have been vegetarian for 18 years, and vegan for about 7. i eat an exceptionally healthy, nutrient and protein rich whole food diet. my cholesterol has been between 110 and 127 for at least 10 years. dip-shit MD’s all say ‘wowweee’, great!!! the fact has been brought to my attention however that cholesterol below 160 is dangerous in ways completely different than high cholesterol is. the lower the cholesterol is below 160, the more apt you are to suffer depression, fatigue, and many other chronic problems. google it….. or ask a naturopath or osteopath, or someone who is truly keen on physiology. i know it’s strange to hear, but true. out of curiosity, do any of you with cholesterol as low as mine (or lower) have depression, obsession, anxiety, etc? if so, please email me. i am curious about this.
    thanks, Brian

  8. Comment by


    on #

    Total cholesterol is 173, ldl is 84, hdl is 73. Having as high an hdl is just as important than having a lower ldl. Vegans rule the Earth (just no one else know’s it yet!) Richard in Staten Island.

  9. Comment by


    on #

    I was a veg for 10years and have a healthily omnivorous diet for30yrs. I get oh wow chol reports cuz i do all the other stuff i used to do: exercise, no smoke drink, stress reduction. Being a veg isnt that special or healthy and it can harm you. Vegans live slightly shorter lives and they die of heart attacks too. Its the way many ppeople die when they get old. You r buying into the big pharm gov bs that food kills esp cholesterol.

  10. Comment by


    on #

    I am a 40 year old morbidly obese woman that had steak and fried mushrooms for dinner. My total cholesterol is 128. Vegan Shmeeegan!

  11. Comment by


    on #

    I’ve been vegan since may and my cholesterol is 107!!!! I love donating blood every 6 weeks and being able to see it drop even more :)