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YIKES! NYC Veg Restaurant Scene Going Downhill?!?!

Is The V-Spot still vying for Worst Bklyn Restaurant title?

Is The V-Spot still vying for Worst Bklyn Restaurant title?

Woah, wtf is going on? I hope our beloved NYC veg restaurants are just experiencing some holiday bumps and stress. What’s with these recent reviews posted here on SuperVegan’s NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide? Please tell me this ain’t the start of some awful trend!

  • ss on Babycakes: “Between the incredibly rude service, the uncomfortable, unwelcoming environment, the inflated prices, and the unsatisfying product, this place has been crossed off my list.”
  • keramel on Cafe Blossom: “My seitan was. . .a bland mass of oily mush.”
  • mimcho on Caravan of Dreams: “This spot used to be one of my favorite.”
  • zacharyzachary on House of Vegetarian: “Quite possibly the worst experience I’ve ever had.”
  • knuckles on The V-Spot: “OH BAAAAARRRRFF! Blech blech blech. How anyone could give this place anything higher than a one for food makes me think that maybe your tongue rings are getting in the way of your taste buds.”

Thankfully though, there are some glimmers of hope….

  • Massif on Mighty Diamond: “yum yum yum, i wish i had more days off so i could visit this place more often”
  • elainevigneault on Zenith: “I love this place. I’ve eaten in the restaurant a few times and ordered delivery lots of times. It’s always excellent food and the people are always really nice.”

And hopefully, this will happen to all of the restaurants that received bad reviews above.

  • ariela on Atlas Cafe & Bakery: “I feel the need to write a better review after my harsh one last time…I think they just have multiple personalities cos on some days they’re so unfriendly & other days quite nice! I think it’s probably cos it can get pretty chaotic in there! The biggest problem there is that it gets really cramped cos it’s so small.”


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    My experience at Cafe Blossom was the first and only time I’ve been there. I’m hoping that I was there on an off night. Everyone has them. Most people are raving about Cafe Blossom. I plan to get take-out sometime soon to try another menu item. I hate to dis a vegan restaurant. I love most of ’em!

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    The V Spot has really gotten their act together. Over the past few months every meal I’ve had there has been completely enjoyable. Had an amazing brunch there on Sunday as well. Props to the V Spot.

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    i stand by my review 100%. i would challenge anyone to prove otherwise if i didn’t feel like that’d be such a colossal waste of time and money better spent at other delicious vegan opportunities in nyc.

    house of vegetarian and their microwaves, glue traps and awful food can go to hell!!

    and i’ve never been this crazy about any dining experience i’ve ever encountered and i’m starting to wonder if i’m turning into “one of those vegans”…

    …nahh.. house of vegetarian just sucks.

    your true friend,

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    zacharyzachary – you’re crazy!

    House of Vegetarian on Mott St. has been one of my favorite chinese spots for years. The folks who work there are sometimes a bit awkward, I’ll grant you that, but they’re really very nice ladies and always willing to get you what you need promptly when you get their attention. The space has an authentic chinatown feel, and the wheat gluten is fantastic. Some dishes can be bland, but man, I love going there, and I grew up on Chinese food so I know what I’m talking about. This is one vegan who loves HOV. And yes, there are some other good vegan chinese options, but I maintain this is one of the best if you get to know the extensive menu, and it can be very healthy too, if you go for that sort of thing.

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    I’m not a crazy vegan!! I swear!

    I officially challenge you to a critical House of Vegetarian eat-off. I’d be happy to try the food again with someone who knows the extensive menu. Dinner’s on me.

    That said, there’s still no excuse for glue traps in the bathroom.

    …and where’s your HOV review??

    your true friend,

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    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    I’m not a House of Vegetarian fan either, but there are a couple dishes that I absolutely love there. With many restaurants, the issue is whether you’re ordering the right dishes. (Even the venerable Vegetarian Paradise has a couple of just god-awful dishes – the crab dumplings and pad thai.)

    Try the fried turnip cakes and lai fun noodles with triple combination, which has soy ham, chicken, and roast pork. I’m also a big fan of their chicken with shark’s fin soup (note that there’s also another shark’s fin soup on the menu; get the more expensive one).

    The thing with House of Vegetarian is that it’s the oldest vegetarian restaurant here in the city. It’s about 35-40 (or more) years old. Just because of this, I’m willing to cut it a little slack. Times have changed and vegetarian food has gotten better in the city, but as you can see from their decor, they are indeed stuck in another time period.