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Food: 3.753.75
Atmosphere: 3.753.75
Service: 3.53.5

(4 customer reviews. Leave your own!)

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170 2nd Ave
New York   NY 10003
(212) 358-0300

Veg level:

Not Vegetarian (decent vegan options)

Menu indicates vegan items

Price Range:

$$$$$ (Average entree cost: $5-$10)

Accepted Payments:

  • Visa
  • ·
  • Mastercard


Mon-Fri 7am-8pm; Sat & Sun 8am-8pm.


At 11th Street.

Delivery notes:

Liquiteria delivers.

$8 minimum order required.


Formerly known as "Lucky's".

The Soy Gouda sandwich is not vegan, though it is labelled so. The soy cheese contains casein. We're not sure if the menu is inaccurate about anything else.

Bookmark and Share The information on this page was last updated on March 30, 2006.

User Reviews of Liquiteria

Averaged user ratings:

(1 star = lousy; 5 stars = great)
Food: 3.753.75
Atmosphere: 3.753.75
Service: 3.53.5
  • Review by lucifly on March 2, 2010:

  • amazingly friendly staff, healthy vibes and walk out of the place feeling better. amazing immediate vegan food and stuff for storage.
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 55
    Service: 55
  • Review by NotBuyingIt! on January 26, 2009:

  • I had that Gouda sandwich because they advertise it as vegan and it is a fair price. I don't go there very often because that's the only thing I think is a fair price. Now that I know the vegan gouda sandwich is a sham, I'll just grab a real vegan lunch from Viva Natural across the way. I guess Liquiteria is off my list until they straighten up.
  • Food: 33
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 33
  • Review by Ramona on April 3, 2008:

  • They will tell you something is vegan when is not. I wen't there and asked if the soy gouda sandwich was vegan, they said yes. Then I asked , are you sure the cheese doesn't contain casein? The man Who spoke to me, said, yes, it doesn't contain casein. I felt I was being anoying asking for a second time the same question, when they already answered me. So I said, I am only insisting because in the past many places say cheese is vegan when it contains casein. He answered, don't worry we are very vegan friendly. Then I even insisted, and asked for a third time, to make sure!!!,..... well after asking 3 times, I had my sandwich, and for sure it didn't taste vegan, I suspected straighaway. And reading here I see is not. I don't blame the staff, they for sure are very friendly, I only guess they are misinformed. I feel disgusted with the idea that bussines people in the food industry will lie bluntly to vegan costumers to make their profit, this is a violation of our integrity, PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT!
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 44
    Service: 44
  • Review by Olivia Lane on May 25, 2006:

  • I've only been here once and am happy to report that the counter staff is extremely friendly, forthcoming with samples, and fast. However, I was annoyed by the indifference expressed by a person I think was the manager. When I asked if the Soy Gouda sandwich he recommended to me along with lots of other "vegan" options contained casein, he quickly answered yes. Of course, I informed him that casein is a dairy product and therefor the cheese was not suitable for vegans (contrary to overhead and printed menus which boldly and proudly proclaimed the sandwich VEGAN). I was disturbed when he didn't seem surprised or apologetic. That one moment of interaction basically ruined anything good they had going in the way of customer service. Lying is just wrong!

    Liquiteria has removed lots of good vegan sandwiches from the menu. Besides soup and salad, the remaining vegan options are unhealthy processed stuff like hot dogs and veggie burgers.

    I would go to this place only if it was in Long Island and I lived round the corner from it. In NYC there are just too many other options for it to be justifiable to spend hard earned cash at an average place like this.
  • Food: 33
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 22

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