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NYC Metro Area Vegan Restaurant Graveyard


Food: 4.384.38
Atmosphere: 2.52.5
Service: 44

(8 shared memories. Leave your own!)

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734 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn   NY 11216

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Veg level:

100% Vegan

Price Range:

$$$$$ (Average entree cost: $5-$10)

Accepted Payments:

  • Visa
  • ·
  • Mastercard
  • ·
  • American Express

Payment notes:

$10 minimum charge.


9am-9pm daily.

Delivery notes:

Imhotep delivered.

Availability of this service varies.


The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Brooklyn.

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Shared Memories of Imhotep

Averaged user ratings:

(1 star = lousy; 5 stars = great)
Food: 4.384.38
Atmosphere: 2.52.5
Service: 44
  • Review by alf-redo on June 12, 2009:

  • went back and had great stuff - so i guess it is hit or miss. their 'chicken' drumsticks are worth the extra money, the squash is really good as is their bbq ribs? 'meat'? either way. Also good if you are with 5 or so because their is a little room in the back with a table.
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 44
  • Review by alf-redo on February 2, 2009:

  • There is a decent amount of food for $7.50, but I thought it was quite bland and needed quite a bit of hot sauce. I had some diced up 'chicken', plantains, greens, another fake meat and curry none of which were good.
  • Food: 33
    Atmosphere: 11
    Service: 44
  • Review by mimcho on July 1, 2008:

  • Ever since I discovered the Uptown Juice Bar on 54 West 125th Street in Harlem, it has been very hard to find anything that lives up to their cooking. And unfortunately Imhotep didn’t manage to break the spell. Still the food at Imhotep is ok. And they do offer the most variety of vegan Caribbean food in the vicinity, and that’s a great thing. The guy who runs it is always friendly. And there is also a health food store sharing the space. They have an impressive selection of loose herbs.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 22
    Service: 44
  • Review by GenericInsight on March 18, 2008:

  • I went here in December with some friends and I hadn't even heard of it before. However, I'm so glad I went. I was wondering if there was a vegan or vegetarian Caribbean/Jamaican food place in NYC. True, there are a bunch but I'd never been to any. The food at this place was superb. $7 and change for a plate of four choices. I had the ginger chicken, rice and some veggies on the side and they threw in a piece of the fried chicken as well - all was absolutely delish! Service was very friendly; they had a problem with the credit card machine and were more than eager to fix it and help out. My only complaint was the size since it is just a couple small tables in the back of a health food store so I can see eating in there on a crowded day being a pain. But otherwise, food and service were excellent. I will absolutely make it a habit to go back.
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 55
  • Review by lyra_silvertongue on March 9, 2008:

  • I really enjoyed this little place. We got a combo plate for $7.50 and it was heaping with delicious food. The bbq ribs were awesome! The staff was really friendly, asking us where we were from, how we'd heard of their place ( of course!)
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 44
    Service: 55
  • Review by JonG on November 28, 2007:

  • This is the shop of the original Veggie Castle chef; whatever you think of Veggie Castle will probably apply here. The food is VERY good, IMO, and the chef/server is friendly and knowledgeable. On the other hand, it's 2-3 tables in the back of a health food store. Highly recommended if you live nearby (if they delivered, I'd order from them all the time) - it's the best food of the Nostrand Avenue places I've tried.
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 55
  • Review by crispyheart on March 28, 2007:

  • Yummy. And good variety of food. It's very filling and an amazing deal. There are left-overs and then some. The combo plate is the best because you get to try a bunch of different items (and they seems to always have a good selection). Mock meats were yummy. The place/service were ok - it's a stop and grab food sorta place. Not somewhere you'd really want to linger, anyway. So go pick up some food and drop by my place on the way back.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 22
    Service: 22
  • Review by susie on February 15, 2007:

  • A tasty deal. $7.50 gets you a large combo plate with four choices of several dishes: several veggies such as okra and string beans, rice and beans, chickpeas and three or four varieties of mock meat. Two plates were just about enough to feed three hungry people. Service is friendly, but the atmosphere leaves something to be desired.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 22
    Service: 33

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